4 Tips For Saving On Holiday Shopping

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Make sure to check out my latest video from Today.com about ways to save when it comes to Holiday Shopping! I discuss my Top 4 Tips on how you can save BIG this Holiday Season, then we take some tips from Today Show Viewers on their ways to save!

1) Create a holiday shopping budget – from the very beginning!
2) Make a list for the people you MUST buy gifts for.
3) Shop online at stores like amazon.com (that’s where I do the majority of my shopping.)
4) Shop early to get the best bargains!

Live Rich,

David Bach


One thought on “4 Tips For Saving On Holiday Shopping

  1. David, my question doesn’t really pertain to Holiday Shopping but it does impact my holiday budget.
    My husband and I have a timeshare in Vegas that we purchased before we had children. It’s paid in full but the annual maintenance fee is ever-increasing and is due each Jan. 1. Over the years, we have exchanged it for other locations, gifted it to friends and family, but we’re just not getting the value from it anymore.
    Many companies are out there that claim to buy or help sell timeshares, but how do I know which ones are legit? The bottom line: what is the best/fastest way to sell my timeshare? Thanks!