How to Stop Fighting With Your Partner About Money

I was interviewed recently by contributor, Kathy Caprino on the subject of couples and money.  

When I researched and wrote Smart Couples Finish Rich®, I found that money was consistently ranked the number one source of marital fighting and unhappiness.

SCFR book cover

Usually it happens because we marry our financial opposite. I often joke in my Smart Couples Finish Rich Seminars that people are born one of two ways.  You’re either “born to spend” or “born to save,” and inevitably you fall in love with your opposite.

Couples always laugh when I say this but that’s because they know it’s true.  The question then becomes, well what do you do about it?  And most importantly, how do you resolve your financial fights without more fights?

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Join Me on National TV

Be on TV with me! Calling all couples in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area: Are you currently fighting with your spouse over a family financial decision that needs to be made? I’m looking for couples in the tri-state area to come on national television with me to share their story and get coaching to resolve their disagreement. Send me an email today at to be considered for this opportunity.

When Your Values Are Clear to You, Making Financial Decisions Becomes Easier

when your values are clear

Understanding what money really means to you, not only makes it possible to plan your future intelligently, it also makes it easier to stick to your plan. Values are what we believe in, they’re what motivate us and shape us. I invite you to get really clear on your own values. Join us for one of our upcoming Smart Women Finish Rich seminars. Register by clicking here.

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Smart Women Finish Rich book update planned for mid 2015

Smart Women Finish Rich 


When I pitched this book in 1997, all the big publishers met with me. But they all also told me that women wouldn’t buy the book. They said to me in meeting after meeting, “Women don’t buy investment books. You will be lucky to sell 10,000 to 15,000 copies.” Well, we proved them wrong — try over ONE MILLION in print.

Funny, right? Women buy 85% of all books and yet the publishers thought women wouldn’t buy one about money? Amazingly 20 years later,the publishers are still telling me “This won’t work.”  Fortunately, my publisher believes in you and I just convinced them to print more copies.

Thank you Random House. Next up — an update for 2015 (mid-year). Stay tuned!

Men Just Don’t Get It

What cracks me up is that so many men don’t get it. What don’t they get? They don’t get that women make better clients than men. Ladies, on average you refer 3 to 1 vs men. You know why that is? Hmmmm…it’s because you have this thing called “friends.” Guys, when you get over 40, you’re lucky if you can count your good buddies on one hand. My wife can talk to 10 friends in an hour. Guess who gives out more referrals? My wife. Duh. Wake up guys in the business world, you want women clients.

And to my men buddies out there, it might not hurt for us guys to stay in touch too. I can’t prove this one, but I think one of the reasons women outlive us by at least five to seven years is because they have more friends. So men, go call your old buddy today and say “hi.”

I bet he misses you too.

Hey Guys…Share This With the Smart Women In Your Life

Hey guys, last week I went on a crusade for the women in our FinishRich community to get them going on taking charge of their money. The one thing I know about a lot of you guys is that you really love the women in your lives. You love your grandma, mom, sister, wife, girlfriend…and you’re an advocate for them. You want to be their hero and their savior. You care deeply about them. You’re one of the good guys.

If that is you, today I ask you to consider protecting them by giving them the push to protect themselves through financial education. I’ve got a program on women and money called Smart Women Finish Rich. Check it out here. It’s helped women all over the world feel safer and more secure when it comes to their financial well being.

If you have women in your life that you love, can you pass this along to them today? Share it with them. The class is amazing and they will thank you for the information, I promise.

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