Hey everyone!

The launch of  Debt Free For Life:  The Finish Rich Plan For Financial Freedom is here! 

A few days ago I wrote you a long email about why you will LOVE this book and how it can help you get out of debt and buy back your financial freedom.  If you missed that email you can read it here now by clicking this link.  I truly believe that 2011 can be your year to completely change your financial life forever.  It's time to stop worrying about the economy and instead focus on your own "personal economy."

The best thing that I know - that you can do for your financial future is pay down your debt!  But do you really know how?  And do you really know how to pay down your debt in record time?  I want you to know the answers - and I want to coach you to your personal debt freedom day. 

Debt Free For Life is your ACTION PLAN for the New Year.  


Now comes the part I know my community loves!  What I always do when I put out a new book - (Debt Free For Life is my 12th) - is I give away amazing FREE bonus gifts when you order the book.  The offer is always a "limited time offer."  The reason we limit the offer is to get YOU to take action TODAY.  Our goal is to get this amazing book into as many hands as we can the week it comes out.  When we do that the book has a better chance of hitting the bestseller lists, and that in turn helps us spread the message of my books and reach more people quickly.

So consider this my extra motivation and ethical bribe to get you to act.  Here's the deal and how it works.  When you order the book TODAY by clicking on one of these links Amazon.com, BN.com, Borders.com, Booksamillion and Powell's Books.  I will then send you a link to some amazing bonus gifts.  The gifts come from me personally (not the retailers).

After you order the book, simply forward the receipt to dffl@finishrich.com.  When you do that you will then get a reply email to a page that has the following gifts!


Seem too good to be true?

One of the things I often get asked is why do I even bother giving away bonuses to my community when they buy my books anyway?  The honest answer is first of all, it's fun!  I love giving away as much as I can to help people. It's why I do what I do.  It's what my life and higher calling is all about.  There's a great truth that when you give more than you ask for, you receive more than you could ever wish for.  My life is a living example of this secret to abundance.  I also know that when I do a promotion like this - it helps thousands of you to ACT.  I know you are busy - and you get a ton of emails.  It's almost a miracle you are reading this today.  But my community opens my emails, and reads them.  This email just went out to almost 200,000 people.  You are reading an email that is right now going around the world - and if enough of you act TODAY - then we get the gift of momentum going and Debt Free For Life gets into peoples hands faster than almost anything else I could ever do.

You deserve to be debt free - and you really can do it!

I'm a realist and an optimist.  The realist in me knows that you will order this book if you really believe it can help you.  If you have read any of my previous books then you know I can.  Chances are my past books have already helped you.  If you don't think I can help you then you won't bother buying it.  Make sense?  But I'm also an optimist by nature - and by effort. The Wall Street Journal once accused me of being a "glass three quarters full guy" - I accept that critique.  I do believe that people can change their lives and I see it everyday.  And I see people everyday that have used my books and tools to get out of debt and buy back their freedom.  So why not you - and why not right now?

Trust me and try it!  Click here to order the bookThen forward your receipt to dffl@finishrich.com.  Enjoy the book - use it to change your life and share that gift with others you love.  And enjoy the bonuses because they are worth at least 50 times the cost of the book.  By the time you click on these links to buy the book it will more than likely be 40% off - and cost you about $12 bucks to buy (that's like two double nonfat lattes!). The offer expires DECEMBER 30th!

And I guarantee this book - really - I do!

If you order this book, read it and don't love it, send it back to me personally to our office with a receipt.  I will send you back a check (personally) - and you can keep the incredible bonuses as my gift to you.

What else can I tell you?  I'm launching this book on the Today Show on December 27th and 28th - and will send you a link to that show once it airs (or catch me live by watching it).

I really hope you are enjoying your holidays.  To you and your family I want to say God Bless You- and may 2011 bring you joy, happiness, health and abundance!  

Your friend with best wishes,

David Bach
Founder FinishRich Media
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