9 thoughts on “Debt Wise Commercial

  1. I’m a debt wise user and it has helped me pay down over $17,000 in debt. Watching David on the Today show now…can’t wait to read Debt Free For Life.

  2. Was looking at “Start Late Finish Rich” and you talk about real estate as a great investment. Do you still think that way? What do you recommend for someone underwater on their home with no retirement money and unable to pay mortgage? Help!

  3. David:
    The only debt that I have right now is my student loan debt that istotally out of control. It is about $100000 now from $50000.I have no idea why it is doubling each time. I tried bankruptcy but it is not going awasy. Which organization can I go to help negotiate a payment plan to eliminate it.

  4. Unfortunately, Debtwise is not currently available in Canada – however you can use the DOLP method to help pay down your debts in a systematic way saving you time and money!

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  6. Im in way over my head in debt and the more I try to get us out the more I get pushed back into it. How can one be debt free when married to a spender with expensive hobbies? I’ve tried the debt wise, debt free, and tried to get out of debt myself. When I finally make headway, thats when it all goes downhill. I want to purchase a house but we are one income and most of the debt falls under my husband and I dont work because I stay home with kids. I feel Im running out of options and I want to be able to have a fun life for my family instead of having to make once choice over another.

  7. You have to get on the same page as a couple in order to make any financial progress. Listen to this interview I did on couples and money- I think some of the tips I give can definitely help you.

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