December 27, 2010

Hey everyone!

Wow, you my friends are amazing!   Initial book orders are off the chart!  Debt Free For Life is already #1 on under Personal Finance, Credit Ratings and Repair, and Budget Management. It’s also at 37 on the top 100 list, and #3 on the Mover and Shakers List!  And it's 47% discounted right now because of your orders.  Thank you!

So are you ready to get out of debt starting in 2011? Awesome, let's get started!

First--did you order Debt Free For Life
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Then watch the video I just posted from the Today Show (where I launched the release of my new book,
Debt Free For Life
. You'll love the segment--I teach why “good debt vs. bad debt” is a myth and why the best investment you can make over the next five years is debt reduction. Check it outhere!

And yes there is more...

Join me for our FREE book launch teleseminar TOMORRROW, December 29th.
Register here. This will be a content rich hour with an action plan for you to get on the road of no debt and complete financial freedom.

And last but most exciting…how would $10,000 go towards helping you pay down your debt? Join our
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Stay tuned--if your goal is less debt, more fun and more freedom, I have the plan for you. Together, we will be unstoppable in 2011!

Thanks for being a member of our community!

Best wishes for you and your family during the run up to the New Year!


David Bach
Founder FinishRich Media
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