Earth Day Tips From

Earth Day is right around the corner!  What are you planning for it? If you need some inspiration check out some of my tips featured in this article — Easy Ways to Go Green!  Click HERE for rest of the tips!

changing a lightbulb


“I hate waste. Even before it was trendy to be ‘environmentally friendly,’ my family would wash out glass jars, reuse aluminum foil, use junk mail for scrap paper, and so on. Not only does it keep garbage out of landfills, it saves money! I don’t spend money on anything unless I’ve thought of a way to reuse something else for that purpose. Now they call it ‘upcycling,’ but we just call it common sense.” —Andrea M., Connecticut

Do It
It may take a little time to change the buy-use-throw habit. But giving whatever you can a second (or third) life in your home saves space in landfills and saves you money by replacing store-bought consumer goods with repurposed resources, says David Bach, author of Go Green, Live Rich: “It’s these little things that add up to help the environment and your wallet in a big way.”

Boost It
Check sites like Craigslist when on the market for new appliances and decor. Shopping these next-to-new listings prevents landfill waste, gives goods a longer life, and saves your family money. Give outgrown clothes to a younger neighbor or donate them to a thrift store or local community organization.

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