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DID YOU KNOW: State treasurers and other government agencies are currently holding more than $32 billion in unclaimed assets from 117 million accounts that their owners have either forgotten about or never knew they had?

I assume the sentence above got your attention. Well, it's true. Billions of dollars in unclaimed assets are sitting in government coffers--and maybe some of it is yours. So why not take a look?

I receive success stories all the time from people who have found their unclaimed money. Now, it's your turn to look for money that's rightfully yours - so let's get started with my
7 Easy Ways to Find Hundreds of Dollars in Less Than an Hour!

1. Check the Federal Government's Savings Bond Database

According to the United States Treasury, more than $17 billion worth of Series E Savings Bonds have never been redeemed. These bonds were sold between 1941 and 1980, marketed by the government as a safe and patriotic way to invest. Maybe you got one as a gift. (I know I did--the dreaded "Grandma got you a savings bond" gift.) Apparently, a lot of recipients simply forgot about them.

There are more than 55 million savings bonds that people own, so it's not that much of a stretch to imagine that at one point maybe you were given a savings bond that you forgot to cash. Well, let's go and find out. You can do this in minutes. First visit the
Treasury Department's savings bonds website and navigate to a special page called Treasury Hunt®. Once you've reached the Treasury Hunt page, you'll find a big blue button two-thirds of the way down marked "Start Search." Click on it, type in your Social Security number, and you'll instantly be informed whether or not they are holding some bonds in your name!

2. Check the Banks

As much fun as it is to find money the Treasury is holding for you, it's equally fun to find money the banks may be holding for you. Remember that savings account you opened up with your parents as a kid? Did you every cash it out? What about the bank account you first opened up when you got married, or that college savings account your grandmother opened for your kids?

The fact is that people move, change jobs, get married, change their names, get divorced, change their names again, die- you name it. Every single day, money gets lost at the banks.

Here's how to find the money that you may have lost. My first stop would be the
NAUPA website, which provides links to the individual databases of all 50 states listing unclaimed assets. I'd also visit MissingMoney.com, a one-stop-shop for finding unclaimed property that is operated by a private company for NAUPA.

To read my last 5 easy ways to find potentially hundreds of dollars in less than an hour -

Remember, this money is not going to come and find you -- so if you haven't already, START TODAY!

Lastly, I want to hear your success story when and if you find money. Please head over to www.facebook.com/davidbach or email me at success@finishrich.com and let me know what happened! My favorite part of my day is reading your success stories.

Live Rich,

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