December 23, 2010

Dear Friends and Finish Rich Community Members,  

It's officially here - my 12th and most important book - Debt Free For Life: The Finish Rich Plan For Financial Freedom.

To say I am excited about this book would be a total understatement. 

This book simply rocks!  I have spent the last five years fine tuning my system to help you get out of debt.  Ever since I appeared on five shows with Oprah called The Debt Diet Series - I have wanted to write this book. 


The timing for this book could simply not be better for you.  While we recover from the recession and our government debates our staggering national deficit (and does little about it) - it is time that we as individuals work on our own plan to pay our personal debt off.

We can't control what our government will ultimately do - but we can control, and must control our own personal finances. 

In Debt Free For Life, I take you by the hand and lay out in 16 easy to read chapters exactly what you can do now, to become debt free faster! 

I have written this book much like my #1 New York Times bestseller The Automatic Millionaire.  Over the years you have told me that this book was your favorite because it was so easy to read and so easy to act on.  In that classic book I shared how to become an Automatic Millionaire by  - paying yourself first "automatically."  Now I have a plan to help you pay down your debt - automatically!



DEBT FREE FOR LIFE (CLICK HERE - to preorder now!)  

Here's the back cover description:  

Tired of being in debt?  Let me show you how Debt Free For Life can give you a way out! 

 In this revolutionary book - you will discover:  

  • What order to pay your debt down, so you can pay it off faster.   (This is truly the secret to debt reduction - and it can save you tens of thousands in interest over your lifetime -possibly six figures depending on your debt).

  • A simple legal right you have to walk away from old debt.  (Imagine paying for debt that you actually don't have a legal need to pay back - that would hurt - and hurt it does!  In this chapter I will share how to use a LEGAL technique to get the debt vultures off your back, and avoid paying back pass due debt).

  • How to cut years off your debt repayments and save thousands of dollars.  (No joke - in this chapter I lay out the  "debt math" credit card companies don't want you to know - much less understand, because once you do, you won't play their games their way).

  • How to find out what your credit report is for FREE, understand your credit score - and protect and improve it - in months, not years!

  • A 9- Step way to pay down that student loan and sleep well at night.   (Student loans are now causing more problems for many American's then credit card debt - this chapter could save your life financially if you have student loans).

  • The truth and hype about debt settlement, and whether it is right for you.  (Once you read this chapter you really will know the TRUTH about debt settlement.  Don't even consider picking up that phone and calling a debt settlement company or loan consolidator until you read what I have to say here).

  • How to lower your interest rates and pay down your credit cards - in record time.   (Do you have credit cards that have raised your rates unfairly - as high as 29.99%?  You are not alone - and it's simply wrong and unfair what the credit card companies have done lately with interest rates.  BUT, you can still negotiate your rates lower.  I have the tools, and the scripts to try - and the resources to help you find better cards with lower rates if the credit card companies won't play nice with you).

  • How to get FREE non-profit credit counseling services to guide you out of debt.  (In this chapter I share everything you need to know about  non-profit credit counseling so you can get honest, real help from a trained specialist at little to no cost).

  • Where to go to find HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of dollars in free money in less than an hour.  (Now this one sounds like a bad infomercial - but it's real information.  There are literally BILLIONS in unclaimed assets sitting in government coffers waiting to be found.  You don't need a whole book on this - you just need the best websites around to find lost money that may be yours - waiting for you.  This is chapter sixteen and it has already helped my friends who have reviewed the book in advance copy find thousands of dollars!).

  • An exciting new Debt Wise program that can help you pay down your debt automatically from the comfort and safety of your home.  (Equifax - one of America's largest credit bureaus and I have now partnered to create a new program called Debt Wise.  This online tool takes my trademarked system called DOLP (Done On Last Payment) and makes the process completely automated.  The book comes with a free trial of this incredible tool).


So now I am going to ask you to do something for me and for yourself!

I really want to help you change your life financially in 2011.  I've spent nearly two full decades of my life teaching others about money - and I wrote this book because so many of you have been asking me for years to give you a plan to get out of debt once and for all.  

This book has been a true passion project for me.  I have spent thousands of hours on it personally making it the best program in the world for debt reduction that I know of.  

Now I need to do what best selling authors do and get the message out FAST.  

Debt Free For Life doesn't come out until December 28th, 2010 - but you can pre-order it now! You can order it at,,, Booksamillion, and Powell's Books.  Last time I checked one of these retailer had already discounted the book 44%!  

If you pre-order it you won't be charged until the book ships.   If you have loved my books in the past and you are interested in this book - it would mean the world to me if you would pre-order this book today.  

More pre-orders mean more attention from the book retailers - and that can change the entire direction of a books success.  

Publishing is harder than ever.  I have written 10 consecutive national bestselling books - because my books really work and change people's lives.  If they didn't I wouldn't be here writing to you today.  I also work my tail off to get the word out on my books with promotions.  

This has been the biggest project thus far of my life.  And it means the world to me that you will trust me and order this book.  If not for you - please get it for someone you love who's in debt and needs this help.  Together we can reshape America's financial situation.  


I am so confident in the advice and tools in this book that if for any reason you don't love it - send it back to my office with a receipt of purchase and I will personally cut you check for your money back.   

In the next few days I will also send additional emails about the book launch (not as long I promise!).   


And lastly - let me say this - this book is NOT just for people who have credit card debt.  I wrote this book based on an entirely new philosophy I have around investing.  I believe this recession has PROVEN that the most important financial decision you can make is to accelerate your debt reduction.  My previous books have highlighted the need to pay your debt down early (like your mortgage), but this book now DRILLS it home.  The fact is that in the next five to ten years, the smartest thing you can do whether you read this book or not - is pay down your debt faster.  If you want FREEDOM, it starts with reducing your debt.   Debt Free For Life will show you exactly how to make a life of no debt possible sooner than you would have ever believed imaginableClick here to order Debt Free For Life today!

As always, thank you for being a member of the Finish Rich Community.

God bless you and have a great holiday season!

David Bach
Founder FinishRich Media
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