December 27, 2010

Hey everyone!


I've decided to do something that I have NEVER done. Candidly, a little crazy. But here it goes.

If you run a company that books speakers, then you know how expensive booking a top speaker can be (even in this recession). My fee for a speech ranges from $35,000 to $75,000 depending on the event and where it is held. Hard to believe considering I did 750 speeches for free before I was paid (but it helped me become great at what I do).

So here's my crazy, over the top offer. And it's limited to only one person (or company). The first taker gets it.


Order 1,000 books through a major retailer. It could be Amazon, B&N, Borders, or BooksAMillion.
The cost for these books (which are discounted today up to 46%) is less than $11 a book. With tax, that’s around $12,000.  Order the books and send us proof of purchase by forwarding your receipt to .

The first person to do this will get a FREE ONE HOUR SPEECH of me presenting Debt Free For Life or The Automatic Millionaire (or a combination of both).

Because this offer is limited to only one person, I suggest that you email Brittney first. Let her know you are doing it. We'll then hold your spot for one hour until you send proof of purchase. You will need to pay for my travel (airfare, cars, hotel etc). But figure even with those costs, it’s a savings of at least $25,000 on this speech.

Again, first person, company etc. that responds gets the offer.

And we reserve the right to refuse, based on who the event is for, etc.

Lastly, to get this special, once in a lifetime offer, you must place your order by December 28th!

I'm excited to see who takes me up on it. And I will be happy to attend a private dinner or lunch with you and your chosen friends. Plus a book signing and pictures.

Can't wait to meet whoever takes us up on this offer!

Live Rich,
David Bach
Founder FinishRich Media
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