How do you teach your kids about money?

Almost everyday someone asks me, “David, when are you going to write a book on kids and money?” or “How can I teach my kids about money and personal finance?”

I am getting asked these questions because people are finally realizing that financial illiteracy among kids is becoming an epidemic that we can no longer ignore. But with any problem, we need to take ACTION to find a solution.

Now is the time to break this cycle and make the decision to start talking to your children about money. This first conversation can potentially change the future of your family for generations to come.  You just need to get the ball rolling towards raising a money savvy kid. So how can you do this? Well, I don’t have an entire book for you—just yet, but I do have a solution to help you take action—today.

I have recently been working with a new company called Tykoon, that has created an unbelievable online platform that provides families an innovative way to engage children to become more fiscally responsible. The site enables kids to EARN, SAVE, GIVE and SPEND real money. The online platform is customizable to each individual family’s financial values and the virtual environment is safe, secure and private. Kids can earn money through jobs, chores, and gifts; save based on personal and family goals; and through partnerships with and charity affiliates, kids can shop online and donate to charities in a safe environment with controls set by parents.

Just yesterday I was invited to speak on an expert panel for Tykoon’s Launch and Blogger Event, to discuss the importance of teaching kids financial literacy and how Tykoon can act as a platform to help promote financial education in everyday life. Check out some of the pictures from the event, and make sure to sign up for Tykoon—it’s FREE, it’s fun and it WILL help you start discussing the value of money with the kids in your life.

For more information, please visit and learn how Tykoon is creating a money smart world one kid OR TYKOON at a time. Also, make sure to like them on Facebook –

Tykoon Blogger Event

Doug Lebda, Co-Founder & Chairman, Myself, and Mark Bruinooge, Co-founder & CEO


Mark and I having some fun before the event.

Mark and I having some fun before the event.

One of Tykoon's awesome slogans

One of Tykoon's awesome slogans



Mark starting the presentation

Mark starting the presentation



Myself, Stacey Tisdale and Doug Lebda

Myself, Stacey Tisdale and Doug Lebda on the expert panel



Myself and Stacey on the panel

Myself and Stacey on the panel

Mark Showing the press Tykoon

Mark teaching the press about Tykoon



A look at the Tykoon's platform
Have you signed up yet?

Live Rich,

David Bach



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