2 thoughts on “NBC’s Today Show – Money 911 – January 5, 2010

  1. Just downloaded your free ebook version of “Debt Free for Life” – and read your article on 10 steps to get out of debt. It’s a nice fit for the content on my own blog. Thanks for sharing that valuable information, David.

  2. Hi, I bought Debt Free For Life and skimmed through the whole book. I am very interested but I don’t think my timing was right. My Husband is a retired school teacher-68 years old. I am 60, 35 years with the school district, offered 15,000 incentive to retire this year with a reasonable pension, and I am ready to try something new. We have HUGE debts.. Incentive would definitely help.. My plan is to work 3 more years to get rid of debt. Question.. Is this the book that will help us the most or should we read another? We also have not been good examples for our 25 and 30 year old married daughters. They have college degrees along with the loan payments and they and their spouses have had jobs and lost jobs during this recession. They are all employed at this time … Thank you God! .. The 30 year old bought a house some where in this mess and has not missed a payment. I want to help them get on the right track, too. Which book is best for them? I really think we all can do this.. I am REALLY scared but optimistic.. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.. Pat Chamberlain