Join Me and Gary Vaynerchuk Live on Ustream

Here’s a really fun offer that I’m so excited to share with you. Spend some time LIVE on UStream with me and Gary Vaynerchuk!

My friend—visionary entrepreneur and soon-to-be bestselling author—Gary Vaynerchuk has a brand new book coming out that I know you’re going to love. It’s called Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion and it comes out October 13th.

While meeting for coffee together the other day, Gary and I realized that Crush It! and my new book Start Over, Finish Rich (coming out December 29, 2009) share an amazing synergy. So if you pre-order both books on, or any of your favorite online bookseller before Midnight on Monday 10/12, you’ll receive an invitation to take part in our live, interactive UStream video chat. (Date and time to be announced.) Together we’ll be taking YOUR questions on business, money, success, brand building and whatever else is on your mind.

Are you ready to go from surviving to thriving?

Over the last year or two, many of us have experienced a lot of uncertainty in both our personal and professional lives. With the struggling economy, we’ve been stuck in survival mode—doing what we can to pay our bills, stay in our homes and keep our jobs. In Start Over, Finish Rich I’m going to show you how to go from surviving to thriving. The truth is that we’re about to experience the kind of opportunity for building wealth that we haven’t seen in decades. But what’s key is that as our economy recovers, you’ve got to be set up to recover with it. In Start Over, I’m going to take you through the ten crucial moves you must make in 2010 to get back on track and recapture your dreams of a richer future.

I call this RECOMMITING TO WEALTH. Gary Vaynerchuk calls it CRUSHING IT!

Gary agrees with me that economic downturns represent a huge opportunity for everyone to get their focus on and start to crush it. In his book, Gary is going to take you through the massive changes in business, technology and society that are happening right now—and how these changes present a huge opportunity to create wealth and personal fulfillment for every one of us. In Crush It!, Gary goes into why building a personal brand though social media is crucial to professional survival and advancement, no matter what your field. Don’t think you need a personal brand? Think again. The reality is that the world is changing at lightning speed and you simply cannot afford to ignore Gary’s message!

Here’s How to Join Us—LIVE!

So here’s the deal. Order both Start Over, Finish Rich and Crush It! before Midnight, Monday 10/12 at, or any online retailer. Then simply forward your receipt via email to We’ll then be in touch via email with the details for the live UStream chat with both Gary and me—where we’ll be taking your questions on business, money, success, brand building and whatever else is on your mind. Hope you’ll join us! (We’ll record it too, in case you can’t make it live.)

And please…feel free to share this offer with your friends!

Until next time..

Live and Finish Rich…Your friend,

David Bach

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