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Hi Everyone,

I just got back from a beautiful trip to Paris for my honeymoon (pictures below), and while I was gone, a stack of mail piled up on my kitchen counter. So now that I am back, I need to get organized before summer officially starts and I think you should too.

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Your taxes are filed, your return should have arrived (or is on its way)-- and now, you're left with the problem of a box full of bills, receipts and who knows what.

But let's face it--organizing your finances can be a real chore, especially with the beautiful weather and summer calling. The good news is that I have a tried and true system and some tips to help you with one final push to get your financial life in order so you can sit back and relax this summer.

If you haven't done so yet, I suggest you start by using my
FinishRich File Folder System to help you get all your financial documents organized and in one place. My file folder system also helps you determine what important documents you really need.

But the fact is many of us keep too much information for way too long. (I'm guilty of this myself.) So I also want to help you determine what documents you can keep and which ones you can ditch. Click HERE to read more about what to keep when it comes to your taxes and investments.

Also, don't be shy about getting rid of old materials. Here's a list of items you should consider throwing away (or shredding if the documents contain personal information):
  • Outdated warranties
  • Outdated instruction manuals
  • Outdated wills or trusts (provided you created a new one)
  • Cancelled insurance policies
  • Credit card statements for closed tax years
  • Cancelled checks for closed tax years
  • Old brokerage statements for closed tax years (unless they have cost-basis information you might eventually need)
  • Old annual reports from stocks and/or mutual funds
  • Old investment newsletters (some people keep these things for years because they paid for them--let them go!)
I hope that this information, plus my FinishRich File Folder System can help you get organized and get on track! Trust me, you'll be a lot happier at the beach this summer if you're not thinking about what's hiding in that box of mystery financial documents.

Let me know if you have ever used my file folder system or if you have a better way to organize your finances, share it HERE or on my Facebook page!

Live Rich,
David Bach
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