My Exclusive Interview With John Assaraf

Check out the thought-provoking interview I did with my good friend and New York Times bestselling Author of The Answer and Having It All – John Assaraf.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Critical rules of investing
  • My perfect pie investment approach to help secure your financial future
  • The #1 investment habit you must adopt before it’s too late
  • The best method to reduce your interest rates and pay off your debts—fast!
  • The single most important decision you can make right now to get out of debt
  • A mortgage oversight that banks sometimes never tell you about
  • Pitfalls to avoid when refinancing your mortgages
  • And much, much more!

Enjoy and let me know what you think by commenting below!

Live Rich,
David Bach

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9 thoughts on “My Exclusive Interview With John Assaraf

  1. Great financial coverage… just wish I had all those tips and info when I was younger. Made bad financial decisions and still paying for it…
    I try now to educate friends, and family members. I bought David’s book Debt-free for Life..

  2. I loved this video. I have read your books and the information you provides can’t be beat. And I love your passion! I used your book Strong Women Finish Rich and I taught my children most of what you wrote. Especially the “pay yourself first” tactic.

  3. Thank you, David Bach I love what you said pay yourself frist.thank you for the books that I has from you.Strong Women Finish Rich is make me have encurage.

    Kong Sourivong

  4. Wow! The info is great and makes perfect sence. I am paying myself first already. I am investing all my money in property right now and should I need some money I can get it out of the mortgages.

  5. Once again, he proves to be above other financial gurus simply because David Bach is FOR THE PEOPLE. His advice is clear, concise, and instantly applicable. That’s what we need; work and be wealthy and not just dream about being rich.
    Thanks so much David.