My Smart Trust Interview With Stephen M. R. Covey

I recently had the privilege to interview, Stephen M. R. Covey about his new book Smart TrustStephen is on a mission to shed light on how society is breaking down due to a lack of trust. This low trust can be seen everywhere, in the government, in businesses, in the economy, and especially in our personal lives.  

In Stephen’s new book he quotes Warren Buffet stating, “Trust is like the air that we breathe – when it’s present, nobody notices, when it’s absent everybody notices.” 

The reality is everyone is starting to notice something is missing in the world today and Stephen provides solid evidence that what’s missing is trust. The good news is he has a solution. The even better news is, WE’RE the ones that have the ability to change everything for the better—simply by using his concept of Smart Trust. 


David Bach’s Interview with Stephen M. R. Covey Author of Smart Trust by AuthorDavidBach

 In this exclusive hour long interview you will learn:
- The meaning behind “Smart Trust”
- The 5 actions that are common in all Smart Trust people
- How Smart Trust plays an pivotal role in your everyday life
- The 3 ways to create trust and influence people
- The 3 states of trust in your life and how you need to balance them

I truly feel that Smart Trust could be a game changer for the 21st century if everyone was to read, digest, and execute the information provided.  If you trust me, believe me when I say, you will want to get Smart Trust, it will change the way you think about your everyday life and your interactions with others. Make sure to listen to my exclusive interview with Stephen M.R. Covey if you don’t’ believe me. Also, don’t forget to let me know what you think of the interview, by commenting below!

Live Rich,

David Bach

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  1. Hi David & team,

    Is there any way I could get this interview in MP3 format so I could listen to it in my car?


  2. Marvellous – just great. Has clarified some important details for me. Many thanks. MANY thanks. . .