One thought on “NBC’s Today Show – Money 911 – May 25, 2011

  1. Great show…I have just got a mod on my home I have owned for 15 years. The mod came out to $100 more than I’m paying now but with taxes and insurance now included. Two ?’s. I wont to sell the place, but if I do, should I rent or buy again if I can afford it, and would it improve your credit score once I sell? I get one month where I don’t have to pay the mortgage, wanted to pay half of my c/c down. Will that lower the amount available to me on the card. I have heard that when you pay a good portion off they then take that amount away for your limit, or should I just pay $1000 per month so they don’t lower my limit? I just don’t want to mess up as I have got this far and the Mod is with Chase and I have not heard of anyone getting one from them so I think I am very lucky…in a way. Thank you so much for your help.