NBC’s Today Show – Money 911 and Live Chat – February 8, 2012

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If you missed me on NBC’s Today Show – Money 911 make sure to watch the segment above! We answered questions about how a divorce and a name change can affect your credit score, how to carry over your 401k from a previous employer, and if child support can affect your assets. It was a great segment so be sure to check it out!

I also had the chance to chat LIVE and  answer your money questions on Today.com. Thank you to everyone that joined me, there were so many AMAZING questions today and I tried to type as fast as I could to answer as many as possible. If you missed the chat make sure to read the archive HERE to see if I answered a question that could help you.

Here’s just one of the MANY great questions from the chat today!

Guest asked: “Hi – I am contributing 15% to my 401K but my company only matches 50% up to 6%. Should I be doing something else with my 9%?”

I replied:“Dear Guest! You should leave it alone…you are brilliant and doing everything right. You will look back later in life and be sooooooooooooo GLAD you put 15% in your 401k plan. You friends will wonder how you go to retire ten years before them and it will be because you saved three times more than they did! Well done, stay the course.”

Live Rich,
David Bach


LiveChat - 2-8-12

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