November 12, 2010

Dear Friends and FinishRich Community Members,


In a decade of sending emails to my community I have never promoted another persons information product.  I take the relationship I have with you very personally and I simply can’t recommend things I don’t know are PHENOMENAL!


Well today I have something that is truly WORLD CLASS AMAZING

If you’ve ever dreamed of building a career and business around your advice, expertise and knowledge, then you'll LOVE this.


Over the past ten years, I’ve written ten bestsellers, delivered hundreds of paid keynote speeches and have been featured in major media across the country. 


Because of this, people are always asking me HOW.... how do I become an author, speaker, seminar leader, life or business coach?   HOW David do you do what you do---because I would love to do the same?


It turns out a LOT of people want to know how to become a highly-paid expert in their field through books, speeches, seminars, online advice and marketing. 


If you've wondered how, then you've got to check out my friend Brendon Burchard's free training video:


Brendon is the founder of Experts Academy ,the largest and most comprehensive training program in the country for experts, advice gurus and online information marketers.


His free video will teach you how to position yourself, package your knowledge, and earn an income as an expert in your field. 


I've spoken at Experts Academy before and I'm always thrilled to share the secrets of my success with entrepreneurs and experts who are driven to make a difference in the lives of others with their own knowledge and expertise.  Again I never run promotions like this unless I know I can trust the source.  Brendon just put together  something  that is so good I know you can benefit from it.


Check out Brendon's video to get started:

Enjoy the video - it's certainly worth the optin. 


Brendon has agreed to provide  two more complimentary videos on how to make money as an expert in any field so just sign in to get started.

Live and Finish Rich...Your friend,

David Bach
Founder FinishRich Media
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