How to Build a Career Without Going Broke

Do you have a dream of owning your own business? Do you have an idea that you know could work if only you had the time? If so, you need to read the interview I just did with Forbes on “How to Build a Career Without Going Broke.” I was asked 5 questions on how I successfully took FinishRich Media from a dream to a multi-million dollar company, that now helps millions of people around the world. More importantly, I shared how YOU can make your business dream a reality too! You will also learn:

  • My top 3 career tips for succeeding in business
  • How your career can impact your financial life
  • #1 reason most businesses don’t work and how to avoid it
  • How to go from job seeker or employee to entrepreneur
  • My story and what I had to do to build my brand and overcome obstacles
  • How to build a successful brand and become more visible in and out of the workplace
  • Choosing a business or career based on earning potential vs. passion

It’s never too late to follow your dreams, but you need a plan and a clear vision to make them real. Could you fail? Maybe. But maybe not. 2/3 of American millionaires are self-employed. So think about it…. what if you succeed beyond your wildest dreams? Here’s my question to you…

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

If the answer is “start my own business,” then make sure to read this Forbes article, get inspired and GET STARTED!

I hope you enjoy the Forbes interview and find it helpful. I would love to hear your feedback, so please post your comment below or on my Facebook or Twitter page and please share it with your friends!

Live Rich!

David Bach