NBC’s Today Show – Money 911 and Live Chat – February 1, 2012

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If you missed me on NBC’s Today Show – Money 911 make sure to watch the segment above! We answered questions about what to do if you’re marrying someone with a poor credit score, how to contribute to your 401k when your employer offers a match, and when it’s appropriate to use your spouse’s Social Security benefits.

Plus, I had the chance to stick around after Money 911 to do a Live Web Chat on Today.com. Thank you to everyone that joined me, there were so many AMAZING questions today.  If you missed the chat make sure to read the archive HERE  to see if I answered a question that could help you.

Here’s one of the questions from the Live Chat this morning. (Click HERE for the Full Q&A!)

Jennifer asked:

“My husband and I are 30 and because we were in graduate school most of our 20s, we are just starting to save money. At what point in life does it make sense to get a financial planner? How much should a financial planner cost?”

David replied:

“I think the sooner you get a financial planner the better. With that said, you should read up on investing before your hire one so you know what questions to ask and you are prepared better to screen a good advisor from a bad advisor. Read Smart Couples Finish Rich, before you hire a financial advisor. In this book I also layout how to hire and how to pay a financial advisor. The cost to do a basic financial plan is around $500 to $5,000 depending on how detailed it is. Then there are costs to work with the financial advisor. Most advisors today charge a flat fee on assets of around 1%. You can also hire financial advisors by the hour. Hope that helps you get started! Lastly before you hire a financial advisor check out their background online by visiting the NASD website and make sure there are not any complaints or legal issues with the advisor.”

Hope this helped!

Live Rich,
David Bach