NBC’s Today Show – Money 911 – February 29, 2012

If you missed me this morning on NBC’s Today Show – Money 911, make sure you take some time and watch the segment. This week we helped some people with some BIG problems. One viewer’s ex-husband was ruining her credit score, another was a consumer considering defaulting on her debt, and then was one was having trouble with the fine print on those tricky 0% balance transfer offers we’ve all seen in the mail. There’s tons of information in the segment and hopefully it can help you too!

Also, Danny Devito was at there this morning promoting his new movie The Lorax—which I can’t wait to see! I also got the chance to take a picture with the Lorax himself, so check out the picture below! Will you go and see The Lorax when it comes out? I know I will!

Live Rich,

David Bach

Me and the LORAX!
Me and the LORAX!