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Check out this amazing success story I received from Julian Smith who decided to take action and apply the strategies in Debt Free For Life to change his life forever. It’s stories like this that keep me doing what I do and I hope inspire you to better your own financial life.

“Two years ago while flying from California to Charleston, S. C.  I purchased David’s book Debt free for Life. This book ended up an epiphany for me. I had been sick with thyroid cancer for years undiagnosed and done a flip house and had charged up to $75,000 in debt. Spending thousand of dollars trying to find a cure for my illness and charging all this debt on a flip house in a bad economy. I was lost on how to get out of debt. After finding out what was wrong with me and getting the proper medical attention I was back on the track. Finding David’s book truly helped me get back in financial order.

I gathered all my credit cards and did a spread sheet and began paying off my debt using your DOLP system. This strategy paid off!  Now two year’s have passed and all my credit card debt is paid off ($75,000!!). This was a very difficult time in my life and I did not want my family to know the situation with my debt. The stress of all that debt is gone.
My next goal is to pay off all my mortgage debt. I plan on using David’s strategies on paying down the debt and get free of all that debt and enjoy the rest of my life. I would recommend that all college students read this book or anyone having financial problems. It is truly life changing. Last week I read the book for a third time and went to the chapter on web-sites and free money. Well! I found an old insurance policy that was not returned to me and found money for 14 friends and family members. I have told many friends and business associates about the book.  I look forward to meeting David in person one day to personally thank him for his help!

Thank you!

Julian Smith”

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Live Rich,
David Bach

NBC’s Today Show – Getting Out of a Sticky Credit Card Situation

Did you know the average American family has about $16,000 in credit card debt; this translates to a lot of money wasted on interest payments. In my NBC’s TODAY show segment,  I teach you my simple trick to RACK IT, STACK IT, and HACK IT to help you pay off those balances—saving you time AND money. The beauty of this system is you can do it on a piece of paper, OR you can go over to and use my DOLP™ Calculator to help you prioritize your debt!

My system will allow you to establish the most effective and efficient order in which you should pay down your various cards. The DOLP™ system works by identifying the card you can pay off most quickly and then having you pay it off first. The point of doing this is to reduce the number of different cards you owe money on as fast as possible.

In this segment I also discuss what your options are  and where to go if you have good credit and want to pay 0% interest on your credit cards—starting today!

So, watch the segment above and then ask yourself if you have a strategy to pay your credit card debt off that will save you time and money? If you don’t, then my DOLP method could be the solution for you!  

Live Rich,

David Bach