The secret to discounted produce: Ask!

How to save AND eat healthy.

Do you think that eating healthy can get expensive?

On I answered a question from a Facebook Fan that helps solve just this problem.

Jennifer asked: Most coupons I find are for junky processed food. It’s hard to save money and eat natural, organic or diet-friendly food. What’s your advice?

My advice:

  • Plant your vegetables and fruit in the backyard (like I used to do with my mom growing up.)
  • Check your grocery store for the discount coupons – each week your grocer will come out with deals, specials, and discounts – these flyers are usually right when you walk in – read those advertisements so don’t miss on some great savings.
  • Talk to the store manager about when they put the produce on sale – there is usually a specific day that stores will decide to put the fruits and veggies on sale.

I hope this advice helps you eat healthy this summer while continuing to save! And let me know, what do you do to eat healthy without breaking the bank?

Live Rich,
David Bach