Are You Making the #1 Financial Mistake?

After ranking top 3 in GoBankingRates’s Favorite Financial Expert of 2011 Poll (by the way, thank you again to all that voted!) they asked me to answer the question: “What’s the number one mistake people make with their money?”

So, instead of just giving a plain, vanilla, written answer, I rolled up my sleeves and shot a video so I could show you what I believe is the #1 financial mistake out there and how you can avoid or fix it in less than an hour!  In this video I walk you through how you can set up a system that guarantees you won’t have spent all your money on other things before you get around to putting your hard-earned dollars where they are supposed to go—to ensuring a richer future.

If you follow the action steps in this video and use the diagram that I show you, you will truly have a foolproof, no brainer, “set it and forget it” financial plan that, I promise you, will work! The plan to avoid this #1 money mistake is based on my New York Times Bestseller, The Automatic Millionaire and is updated for 2012. So, as I said watch the video, follow the diagram, it’s easy and, YES YOU REALLY CAN DO IT – so GET STARTED!

Hope this video helps you all and remember to let me know how great you feel once you “MAKE IT AUTOMATIC” by commenting below or on my Facebook.

Live Rich,
David Bach