When’s the RIGHT time to teach your kids about money?

I have a tried and true test to help you answer this very question. Put a one-dollar bill in your left hand and a $100 bill in your right hand. Then ask your child which one he or she wants. If your child picks the $100 bill then you know it’s time to start teaching your kid about money. (My son, Jack knew to pick the $100 bill at age three!)

The money conversation with your kids is so important, and luckily technology has made it easier for us parents to raise a money savvy kid. If you are an active member of my FinishRich Community then you know that I am involved with a company called Tykoon. Tykoon has created an unbelievable online platform that provides families an innovative way to engage children to become more fiscally responsible and the best part is that it is a platform that is totally customizable to your family’s rules and values and it’s FREE.

So how does Tykoon work? Here’s the breakdown—(It’s awesome!)

Teach your kids the meaning of EARNING: You can assign your kids various tasks including recurring chores such as cleaning their room, or one-time jobs and also daily responsibilities such as their homework. You choose how to assign rewards based on your own family practices and values. These rewards can be cash or non-cash such as stay up late time.

Tykoon’s parent dashboard allows you to view and approve all your kid’s tasks in a single place and on any device. You can also print a weekly calendar for your fridge or child’s bedroom, or access tasks on the go with their mobile app.

Teach your kids the value of SAVING: Learning to save from an early age can instill balanced, long-term financial practices that extend into adulthood. Tykoon allocates earnings to the savings category easily and helps establish a mind set for savings and setting and achieving goals.  In addition to putting away some of their earnings, your kids can also set up and save for a big or long-term goal. This can be an item that they want to purchase, a family vacation or trip or a savings goal for college or education.

Teach your kids the importance of GIVING: Through Tykoon, kids discover and learn about dozens of age appropriate charities and also share these interests with their family and friends. Tykoon reviews every charity before making it available to your children and they give you controls on what categories your kids can access. It’s a simple start that can lead to a lifetime of community involvement and giving back.

All transactions are secure through the use of Network for Good (one of Tykoon’s partner). They will collect your credit card information, make the donation to the non-profit in your name, and send you a tax-deductible receipt. It’s simple, secure and carries all the benefits of charitable giving for your family.

Teach your kids how SPEND and buy real goods with real money: When you use Tykoon your kids can purchase their favorite products which are delivered right to your door through part Amazon.com (making all transactions secure). The best part is that all products they can purchase are kid appropriate and Tykoon reviews every product to make sure it’s kid safe. Even better, you can control the product categories that your kids can see. Don’t want video games? No problem. The choice is yours.

If you already have an Amazon account, you can seamlessly checkout with through Tykoon with your Amazon ID or Amazon prime account. When purchasing through Tykoon, kids can’t move money and parents make the final decision on any item that has been marked for purchase or donation by their kids. Meaning you can rest assure that your children will not be spending YOUR hard earned money without you knowing.  

I am so excited about Tykoon and whether you use this system or not, I hope this post has inspired you to take action to spread financial literacy to the children in your life!

To learn more about Tykoon check out their website (www.tykoon.com) and sign up today.  


Live Rich,

David Bach