NBC’s Today Show – Money 911 – January 25, 2012

If you missed me today on NBC’s Today Show – Money 911, make sure to check it out now! It was an amazing morning we answered questions about how an adult can go back to school and receive financial aid, what to do with your credit cards once you have paid them off, and the best way to get rid of timeshares you’re no longer using.  

I ALSO had the pleasure of meeting Henry Winkler. Some of you may know him as Arthur ‘Fonz’ Fonzarelli. This was such a coincidence because I literally just introduced my son Jack to Happy Days and MacGyver (he was an executive producer for the show.)

He was on the Today Show, promoting his new children’s book series called “Ghost Buddy”  for middle school aged kids where the characters in the story deal with bullying and a blended family. Watch his interview above and check out our together picture below!

Live Rich,
David Bach

The Fonz