How To Use Your Credit Cards Without Accumulating Debt

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This week, I answered an email question from Danika. She wanted to know about the best way to use reward credit cards without getting into debt. Check out my tips for her and hopefully they will help you too!  

Question from Danika: I’m 31 years old and self-employed. Credit cards and debt scare me. I have the philosophy, if I don’t have the money I can’t do it. I would like to start using a credit card for my businesses to try and take advantage of rewards. Can you give me some advice on how to start using them without going into debt?

My advice to make sure she doesnt get into debt:
- Pay off credit card in full ever single month.
- Think about all your monthly purchases in advance.
- Give yourself a spending limit.

My Advice to find a GREAT rewards card:
- Shop around for the best rewards at
- Get 50,000 points automatically.
- Look for cards based on the rewards you want.

Hope this helps you!

Live Rich,

David Bach