If you missed me this morning on NBC’s TODAY show Money 911 segment- be sure to check it out now!  Today on the panel we answered viewer questions about dealing with a low home appraisal and how to stop the process on a short sale. Enjoy! 

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The secret to discounted produce: Ask!

How to save AND eat healthy.

Do you think that eating healthy can get expensive?

On Today.com I answered a question from a Facebook Fan that helps solve just this problem.

Jennifer asked: Most coupons I find are for junky processed food. It’s hard to save money and eat natural, organic or diet-friendly food. What’s your advice?

My advice:

  • Plant your vegetables and fruit in the backyard (like I used to do with my mom growing up.)
  • Check your grocery store for the discount coupons – each week your grocer will come out with deals, specials, and discounts – these flyers are usually right when you walk in – read those advertisements so don’t miss on some great savings.
  • Talk to the store manager about when they put the produce on sale – there is usually a specific day that stores will decide to put the fruits and veggies on sale.

I hope this advice helps you eat healthy this summer while continuing to save! And let me know, what do you do to eat healthy without breaking the bank?

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David Bach

Today.com – 6 Tips For Saving More At The Grocery Store

This week on Today.com, I helped a Facebook fan with her question on how to save on groceries. Check out my 6 tips for saving money at the grocery store and watch the video above.

Our Facebook friend Michelle asks: How do you save the most money on groceries when you live in a small town and only one grocery store? The next town with more grocery stores is about a half an hour away.

My advice:

1)      Organize a trip and carpool to the grocery store(s) that are a half an hour away with friends in your area – make sure you go to the best place, with the best prices.  

2)      Look into “big box” locations like, Costco, Wal-Mart or Kmart to see what prices they have available.

3)      Shop Online for foods and other household goods if you can. Here you can save money from the comfort of your home AND save the gas money.

4)      Look to see if the online grocery retailers available in your area offer free shipping. Many times if you spend a certain amount on your groceries or household goods they will have this as an option—if they do, try to take advantage of it! (Just make sure you don’t over spend to take advantage of the shipping.)

5)      Do your research and look for coupons online.  Some sites out there right now are: CouponMom.com, DealSeekingMom.com, BeFrugal.com.

6)      Check out the grocery store’s website for their current deals and sales.

I hope these quick tips help! Now I want to know, what’s the best tip YOU have when it comes to saving on groceries?

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David Bach

Today.com – How to Build Credit When You’re In Debt

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Do you want to know how to build your credit score when you’re in debt? Well, this week that’s exactly what I discussed on Today.com, so watch the segment above to find out what you can do!

Email Question From Mary:

I went on a Debt Management Plan about 2 and a half years ago. I want to start rebuilding my credit. I’ve looked at pre-paid credit cards, but I am not sure this is the best way to go. Do you have any suggestions on how to start rebuilding my credit now? Or do I have to wait until the Debt Management Plan is complete?

My advice:

-          Go apply for a credit card, NOT a debit card.

-          Go to CreditCards.com and look for a credit cards that right for you.

-          Only get one that has a small limit on it, $1,000 – $3,000.

-          Use the card WISELY, and pay it off every month!

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David Bach



Today.com – Pay For Your Kid’s College Without Being Taxed

This week on Today.com our question comes from Robert: My Daughter is graduating medical school with over $200,000 in school loans, both private and federal. My wife and I have a substantial nest egg, where we could pay off at least half of her outstanding loans. What would the tax implications if we do this?

Watch above to find out how you can help pay off your child’s college loans without having to pay taxes. 

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How To Use Your Credit Cards Without Accumulating Debt

In the upcoming weeks, I will be answering viewer’s questions on Today.com, so make sure to watch out for my videos to see if I answer YOUR money question.

This week, I answered an email question from Danika. She wanted to know about the best way to use reward credit cards without getting into debt. Check out my tips for her and hopefully they will help you too!  

Question from Danika: I’m 31 years old and self-employed. Credit cards and debt scare me. I have the philosophy, if I don’t have the money I can’t do it. I would like to start using a credit card for my businesses to try and take advantage of rewards. Can you give me some advice on how to start using them without going into debt?

My advice to make sure she doesnt get into debt:
- Pay off credit card in full ever single month.
- Think about all your monthly purchases in advance.
- Give yourself a spending limit.

My Advice to find a GREAT rewards card:
- Shop around for the best rewards at creditcards.com.
- Get 50,000 points automatically.
- Look for cards based on the rewards you want.

Hope this helps you!

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David Bach


NBC’s Today Show – Money 911 and Live Chat – January 11, 2012

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If you missed me on NBC’s Today Show –  Money 911 make sure to watch the segment above! We answered questions about what to do with store credit cards, how to juggle school loans and medical bills, and much more.

Plus, I had the chance to stick around after Money 911 to do a Live Web Chat on Today.com where 17,000 people joined me! I answered tons of AMAZING questions that I really think could help you. I answered questions from how I feel about the Market in 2012 to how to protect your family with life insurance. So, if you missed it, don’t worry you can read the whole thing HERE. Also,  make sure to watch the behind the scenes video I did below!


        Click HERE to get access to the Live Chat from Today.com!

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Live Chat

Me at the Live Chat for Today.com

Today.com – How Many Credit Cards is Too Many?

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Check out my latest video from Today.com!

Question: I have good credit and have opened another credit card recently to get the travel rewards. I now have 5 credit cards open, but all with zero balances. How manycards is too many? And will my credit score be impacted if I close one or two of them?

My Advice:
- Five credit cards is too many
- Closing credit cards may impact your credit score
- Keep the credit cards open
- Continue paying them off on time
- If you choose to close one of the cards, close the one with the smallest credit limit

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