The Five Crucial Questions You Need To Ask Your Partner Before You Say “I Do”

He popped the question but now it’s time to ask a few questions of your own. Even though fighting about money is the number one cause of divorce in America, many couples spend more time thinking about where to hold their wedding and which flowers to purchase than they do thinking about their financial lives together. With so many marriages torn apart because of finances, I created five crucial questions every bride and groom must ask (and answer) before they say “I do.”

  1. What is your partner’s credit history?
    The smallest mistake can cause big trouble for your financial future as a couple when it comes to your credit score. That one credit card with a $500 balance that your partner forgot to pay since college can seriously damage your credit history once you become legally married.
  2. Do we need to sign a pre-nuptial agreement?
    Not signing a pre-nuptial agreement can be one of the biggest mistakes a couple makes before they tie the knot. If one of you has significantly more assets than the other, it is crucial that you protect yourself against the legal repercussions of divorce, no matter how unlikely the prospect may seem at the time.
  3. Is your partner currently saving any money?
    The time to find out if your fiancé is financially clueless is before you get married. Ask them if they are putting any money away. Find out if they’ve ever taken a finance class or read a book on investing. This is a great way to suggest that the two of you take an investment class together. Couples that learn together… stay together.
  4. How did your partner’s parents handle their money?
    This is one of the most overlooked issues with couples today. How your partner’s parents handled money in their marriage can give you a pretty good inclination of how your partner will handle money in your marriage. If their parents were constantly relying on credit cards, for example, there’s a good chance that they have inherited this bad financial behavior as well.
  5. What are your partner’s plans and dreams for retirement?
    Don’t wait till you are both in your sixties and your spouse informs you that they plan to retire to the Carolina coast to go fishing every day, when you thought the plan was to go to Europe. Make sure you take the time to talk about your dreams for the future, and that you have the same plan for your retirement accounts.

You need to know exactly who you are marrying before you say “I do,” especially when it comes to their financial life. If you want to learn more about couples and money and how you can effectively communicate in your relationship make sure to listen to my interview from the teleseminar entitled “The Art of Love.”  You will have 24 hours to access the interview for FREE so SIGN UP NOW!  My interview will be airing at 6pm EST on Sunday, November 6th, 2011 – you won’t want to miss it!

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7 thoughts on “The Five Crucial Questions You Need To Ask Your Partner Before You Say “I Do”

  1. Great advice. It also amazes me that couples do not discuss these important aspects of their lives before committing to each other.

    If couples spent as much time preparing for their marriage as they do for their wedding – there would be a lot more very happy people enjoying their relationships

  2. I totally agree with Brenda. It is great advice especially about financial modelling from childhood. I’ve been working on this on my own accord but never thought about the other person.

    I am single so when the times comes, this would be perfect to bring up with my partner.


  3. David,
    I absolutely love these questions. Last night I started a blog post, that I will also spin into an article, about divorce effects on children.
    One of the important things I’ve mentioned in there is that couples need to have money conversations – open and honest money conversations- throughout the entire course of their relationship, and if they need a mediator they should absolutely get one. This could prevent some marital breakups. As you mentioned, one of the leading causes of divorce is Money. I love that you talk about having these conversations BEFORE TYING THE KNOT. Why do you think people are so hesitant to talk about money and why has it always been such a scary topic?

  4. That was very interesting to read and helpful article. And I`m lookin’ forward to see your next posts.

    BTW, jaja, I own a social club where we provide all the services for weddings including decoration and flowers. LOL.

    I will try advise my clients about these 5 questions…

  5. I would also recommend putting a budget in place for once you merge your assets and debts. It’s a great way to ensure that all the money goes to the right places while paying down any debts.

    It never ceases to amaze me when couples manager to dig themselves into thousands of dollars of debt simply by not speaking to each other about their purchases.

  6. Congrats !! what a wonderful work you people are doing. Am sure it will have an impact on many young and educated people who want to see the change in the way we think.