– 6 Tips For Saving More At The Grocery Store

This week on, I helped a Facebook fan with her question on how to save on groceries. Check out my 6 tips for saving money at the grocery store and watch the video above.

Our Facebook friend Michelle asks: How do you save the most money on groceries when you live in a small town and only one grocery store? The next town with more grocery stores is about a half an hour away.

My advice:

1)      Organize a trip and carpool to the grocery store(s) that are a half an hour away with friends in your area – make sure you go to the best place, with the best prices.  

2)      Look into “big box” locations like, Costco, Wal-Mart or Kmart to see what prices they have available.

3)      Shop Online for foods and other household goods if you can. Here you can save money from the comfort of your home AND save the gas money.

4)      Look to see if the online grocery retailers available in your area offer free shipping. Many times if you spend a certain amount on your groceries or household goods they will have this as an option—if they do, try to take advantage of it! (Just make sure you don’t over spend to take advantage of the shipping.)

5)      Do your research and look for coupons online.  Some sites out there right now are:,,

6)      Check out the grocery store’s website for their current deals and sales.

I hope these quick tips help! Now I want to know, what’s the best tip YOU have when it comes to saving on groceries?

Live Rich,

David Bach

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  1. I live in a village of 300-people that only has an expensive confectionary store. I’ve used coupons & big box stores to save money but my best strategies are- always buy the sales, make a menu plan, and try to make more things from scratch. Yes, you need room to store items and you have to have money up front to buy “in bulk” but it is well worth it. A case of Campbell’s Vegetable soup is $5.99 for 12-cans verses 99 cents for 1-can. Some people read their flyers, make a menu, and buy what they need for the week. I buy what’s on sale, freeze it, and menu plan a month at a time. It’s posted on the fridge and everyone knows “what’s for supper”! When I make casseroles or spaghetti I make double and freeze one. When I cook a turkey I cut some up and freeze it in gravy for another night. My husband has a brain injury and isn’t allowed to use the stove. Once a month, I make up a batch of “mini meals” that he can reheat in the microwave at lunch. Things like lasagna, shepherd’s pie, tuna casserole, beef-a-roni (there are oodles of casseroles you can make). Making salads and slaws from scratch are way cheaper than buying bag salads or something from the deli section. “Sidekicks”, bought on sale, cost 99 cents. They are quick and convenient to make up. But, a bag of potatoes is even cheaper and it only takes 9-minutes to microwave 3. I extend our meals using soups, salads, bread or buns. People are usually full and not looking for expensive snacks or desserts. I work full-time and lead a busy life so don’t think this takes lots of time. Once you have a few monthly menus made up you can rotate them. And, if something comes up and I’m late home I can pull a few “mini meals” out of the freezer, nuke them, put out bread & a salad, heat up a can of soup, and dinner is ready in less than 10-minutes. It would take me longer than that to drive to the next town and buy an expensive pizza that would be cold when I got home.

  2. To save money on groceries: make a grocery list and do not buy anything that is not on the list.