3 thoughts on “Today.com – 6 Tips For Setting Up Emergency Accounts

  1. David,

    I am one of those readers who can go over the money rules that you and other ‘financial gurus’ share in my sleep.

    I am a dad of four kids under seven. I am married to the woman of my dreams. I never realized that I was drowning in debt until my credit limits were maxed and bills were due BESIDES the credit cards.

    I am now on following your plan and it will take about 2-3 years to pay off our debt of almost $70,000. I wish I had paid attention to you more 4 years ago when I first discovered you. Now I am ready to wage war on my debt.

    Thanks for your continued inspiration. You are awesome!

    JW Ginn

  2. Aw esome advice .immigrated to canada in 2007 with my wife and two sons. in 2010 bought ahouse and a car I donot save enough to open an emergency account Your advice moved me a lot .I am starting an emergency account from October 2012 .thanks for your valuable advice .l