– Should I Go Back to School for a New Career?

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I already have $30,000 worth of loans from my first degree. Should I keep working minimum wage dead end jobs to pay off this debt or work on getting into a field that will provide financial stability?

My advice:
- Continue working your current job and look for a new opportunity.
- Save money for the next 6 months to a year.
- Go back to school to launch a new career.

Live Rich,

David Bach


One thought on “ – Should I Go Back to School for a New Career?

  1. Based on the question, my assumption is she has a bachelors degree. I would search for a program that would transfer in the credits you have already earned either into a masters or a second associates/bachelors. Look for company reimbursement programs at your dead end job, at least you are working towards a goal while continuing to receive a income. Take the time to look at the cost of the college you plan to attend, compare the cost to other local colleges and lastly look at the colleges accreditation;you want to make sure the college you are enrolling in offers a accredited degree. Good Luck!