Welcome to My Kitchen

Ok, I did a special video in my kitchen about losing weight.

No, I’m not switching fields, in fact your money and your solid financial future are more important to me now than ever.  And in a later video I’ll share with you how me losing weight, and how I did it, has a common thread on how to protect and grow your finances.

January 1st I shared that one of my New Year’s resolution was to lose 15 pounds.  I’m not there yet, but as I type this I have lost 13 pounds in 27 days! 

I’m pretty psyched, as I really needed after the holidays to lose this weight.  Maybe you can relate? 

Most importantly I feel so much better.  My energy is up, I’m sleeping better than I have in years, and my pants aren’t tight.  And vainly, my face looks thinner on the Today Show!

So check out the video, and see what I have been making at home in my kitchen to lose this weight.  And there is nothing to buy here. 

I’m truly just sharing a 21 day cleanse called The Clean Program  that just worked amazingly for me.

You’ll see that I am clearly not the next “Martha Stewart”.  It was however really fun to shoot this video, and I hope you enjoy it.   

Live Rich,

David Bach


welcome to david bach's kitchen

18 thoughts on “Welcome to My Kitchen

  1. David,

    You are too adorable. I am proud of you. I have lost 20 lbs since the new year began. I cut my caloric intake down to 1100 calories per day and I work out for an hour EVERYDAY!….I feel FABULOUS… Financially i have made strides BIG STRIDES and I am walking into my destiny. I am so EXCITED for my life. I will be 35 this year and I feel like I just turned 18. I am making choices that although I should have made long ago. But I do not cry over spilled (almond)milk. I am on a mission. I would like to lose about 20 more lbs…..Keep up the good work I am doing the same!

  2. Where is the link? I can’t find it. I couldn’t watch the video, as it was jumping so much it gave me a headache. But I could still listen, so thank you. You did mention the website so I will definitely look it up. Hopefully I can give it a try even though I have many health issues.

  3. Hi David,

    I have a new respect for you!! Your kitchen can’t get any simpler, which proves that you don’t have to show off your wealth.

    Good on you!!

    All the best for 2012, and congratulations on your weight loss.

    Wasaga Beach, Ontario

  4. David,

    Congratulations on finishing your fast! I follow someone named Jordan Rubin and do a quarterly fast using a cleansing kit. Have you heard of the Maker’s Diet or Garden of Life? It’s following the bible and is basically nothing processed or refined and no unclean meats meaning no pork or shellfish. Jordan has recently undertaken a venture called Beyond Organic that might be worth checking out and Jordan refers to a cookbook written by a nutritionist named Sally Fallon that I use so much the pages are falling out! It’s about eating real food and there’s no sticks or twigs. Also, if you haven’t seen it, get a copy of Food Inc – it’s VERY moving and informative where the better way of life / eating movement is concerned. Another great resource is Michael Pollan who wrote In Defense of Food and other great works.

    I could relate to what you said about restarting yourself cuz I find cleansing a great way to regain the discipline that starts to wane after about 10 weeks. You know, a bite of candy here, a little night-time eating there, a bigger portion than necessary …

    I’ve been rear ended six times, broadsided once (by a drunk driver), and fell off a 14 ft ladder while trimming trees (I know, dumb idea!) so do have chronic back problems that I have to work thru. I’ve committed to yoga twice a week, my Nordic Trac on the weekends, the treadmill at work three times a week, and weights twice a week.

    I really appreciate your enthusiasm, sharing, and passion. Having had stage 3B rectal cancer, I too am passionate about taking care of myself.

    Good luck with that last 5 pounds. I had a chance to talk to someone from season 7 of the Biggest Loser and he said he was disillusioned when he found out that unlike weight loss, you’re never “done” when you’re in maintenance so good luck as you transition from weight loss.

    Continued success!


  5. Hi David,
    First of all congratulations on following through your public resolution. Also thank you for sharing a part of your private life with all of us. It shows you are an ordinary person who has done extraordinary things. Most importantly it also shows that we can do the same.
    Thanks again
    and God Bless
    Hamilton, Ontario

  6. $425 for a 3 week program? Seriously? Most of us can’t afford such an expensive program, which is why we read your books to begin with. I’m glad its worked for you but I can’t justify that expence on my budget.

  7. Dear Mr. Bach:
    Thank you for your video but I’m trying to gain weight because last September I had a serious operacion an I lost about 20 Lbs.
    By the way, I tried to get your “Debt Wise” by clicking there but I wasn’t able to get it. Thank you. Walter Max Vargas

  8. Congratulations!!! You are so amazing…. We can’t get enough from you. Keep up the good work!!!

  9. OK, you’re my new BFF. Little did I know that I was doing the CLEAN cleanse right along with you. I’m on my 20th day and can confirm all the good things you said about it. In other words, I feel much, much better. I do want to point out that the cleanse is not about losing weight (although that was a nifty side-effect for me, too). It’s about getting all the toxic junk out of your body — hormones and antibiotic in meats, additives, preservatives, processed food, and anything that might be challenging for your body — dairy, gluten, etc. All that stuff is difficult for your body to deal with so your energy goes to dealing with it. Getting a clean body gets you your energy back. BTW organic coffee is a good way to go if you must (no pesticides, etc.). Love that we are now CLEAN “best buds.”

  10. Dave, thanks for sharing your progress, I’ve done the 21 days “Danie’s fast” for cleansing. I lost weight, but gained it back overtime after going off of it. Just curios how you intend to maintain the weight off…after the cleanse. Best wishes!

  11. I am sure this program works, but it is pricey. If you don’t want to spend that much money, suggest Isagenix or just make 2 protein shakes a day and a healthy meal plus vitamins. I also have the Clean book and it has cleansing drinks and other recipes.
    Thanks for sharing, David! I put the DebtWise program (free trial) to great use and appreciate your advice.

  12. Hey everyone! I’m so glad you all enjoyed this video. Jack and James watched the video today in the kitchen and thought it was hilarious. Also to Sandie, the $425 did seem high to me, but in reality I didn’t eat two means a day for 21 days, so in truth in my life at least I saved money. That is 42 meals (and I eat out in NYC for a lot of dinners…yes that is my Latte Factor)…lol. Anyway, now I need to do my best to stay clean. Big hug my friends.

  13. You don’t have to buy the CLEAN kit. It’s just more convenient. Lots of people do it on their own using the components of their choice –protein powder, fiber, pro-biotics and a slew of supplements — all available at any health food store.

  14. Congratulations Dave…awesome job. I did my first cleanse last March, and I’m currently gearing up mentally to do another one. I did mine under the guidance of a nutritionist so between his fee, and the products I paid about $310. Like you, I feel the money spent was well worth it. But most people can try a “modified” cleanse at home simply by cutting out all processed foods.

  15. Thank you, David! I kept wondering why, for the past three years, I wasn’t getting the financial and quality-of-life results I’d usually gotten. I’d moved at least once a year during that time. The missing component? Exercise! — with a healthy dose of stretching, of course! Like you, that always keeps me on-track. I already do the healthy eating thing — now to get back to the weights and my yoga mat. Thank you, again!