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The national best selling book, Smart Couples Finish Rich, teaches couples of all ages how to work together on their finances as a team. Smart Couples Finish Rich has the same easy-to-read style and action-oriented format that made Smart Women Finish Rich a bestseller.

In this book, David teaches that couples that plan together financially stay together. Unfortunately, most couples spend more time planning vacations than planning their finances during their entire marriage. As a result, most couples end up with little or no savings, and many end up divorced due to the stress of financial burdens and debt. Having worked one-on-one with hundreds of couples as a financial advisor and having spoken to thousands in his seminars, David shares in this new book exactly what you can do to become a couple that truly lives a rich life.

How and why couples who plan together financially stay together
  • The 9 Steps to creating a rich future for you and your partner
  • The 5 biggest myths about couples and money
  • How to talk about money without fighting
  • Why most couples argue over small things financially instead of planning big things
  • How to tap into your "values" as a couple and then plan your finances
  • Why goal setting doesn't work unless it's connected to your values
  • How to plan your dreams together as couple
  • How to fund for your dreams and build a dream basket
  • What it means to "Pay Yourself First"?. and how to do it
  • Why you must "Pay Yourself Forward"?and how to do it
  • How to invest in retirement accounts like 401(k) plans, IRA's, SEP IRA's
  • Advanced retirement strategies like Defined Benefit Plans
  • The biggest mistakes couples make with their retirement accounts
  • When to use a Roth IRA vs. a Regular IRA
  • Why active stock trading does not work
  • How to invest with as little as $25 a month
  • Over 100 of the best websites to help you live and finish rich
  • How to handle credit card debt?the 3 websites you must know about
  • How to check your financial advisors background?why you must do this
  • The Eight Golden Rules to hiring a financial advisor
  • How to grow your income by 10% in the next 9 weeks
  • The 10 biggest mistakes couples make financially
  • Why a 30 year mortgage is a complete rip off that will cost you $250,000 more than it should
  • How banks rip you off with low yielding checking accounts
  • Where to open a checking account that pays you 5%
  • The FinishRich Inventory Planner?: your tool to getting your money organized
  • The Purpose-Focused Financial Planner?: your tool to get your values, goals and plans down on paper
  • The Couples FinishRich Quiz: your tool to see how smart you are about money
  • The Where Does The Money Go Worksheet: your tool to see where you spend your money
  • And much, much more!
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    Real Advice, Real People, Real Results.

    David, Your books (Smart Couples...and The Automatic Millionaire) have forever changed my life. I can never go back to the way I was after reading the books. Thanks to your simple plan, my family will retire wealthy. We are a young military family and are on our way with the strategy you lay out in simple black and white. My dad has been telling me this for years, but it didn't really hit me until I read the books. Thank heavens I found you just in time. I find myself so excit ... more

    - Sonja Yearsley
    Mountain Home AFB, ID

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