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    So many of us are concerned about global warming and the future of our planet, but we also tend to think that living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is complicated and expensive - a luxury we might not be able to afford. What most people don't know is that the exact opposite is true! Not only can you save money by "going green", but you can also prosper by taking advantage of the new "green wave" in investing. In Go Green, Live Rich, David Bach takes you by the hand and shows you how to do just that. Let David Bach show you a whole new way to prosper - by going green!

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    Geat news: there is no green premium! By demonstrating how going green can fit any budget, David Bach shows that good environmental and financial decisions go hand-in-hand. Go Green, Live Rich gives great tips, useful to everyone, about how to save money and the planet at once. - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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    Yet another powerful reason to go green! Thankfully for our species, going green can also mean saving some green. Go Green, Live Rich shows you exactly how a lot of small steps added together can change your life in more ways than one. - Graham Hill, and
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    I LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. This is just what the world needs. Not a bunch of touchy feely, mumbo jumbo, but real world solutions that show why going green is just plain smart. Fantastic. - Steve Fleischli, President, Waterkeeper Alliance
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    David Bach has done it again! As a green affordable housing developer, I enthusiastically recommend Go Green, Live Rich! Packed with tips and tools, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to make their home - and their life - more eco-friendly. - Josh Lockwood, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity, New York City
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    Go Green, Live Rich is as much about saving money, as it is about preserving our world of natural wonders for future generations. This is the rich-green-book of a promising tomorrow. - Matthew Modine, Founder: Bicycle for a Day
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    Go Green, Live Rich is the ultimate toolkit for greening the planet and our wallets at the same time. No one does a better job than David Bach in showing us the practical strategies for how to enjoy living sustainably. - Terry Tamminen, Cullman Senior Fellow, New America Foundation
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    David Bach has created a truly easy to read, simple step by step plan for everyday consumers and business owners to make small changes towards achieving a greener way of life. From raising your baby to running your company, David shows you how to make positive changes on our planet as well as our bank accounts. Going green, can definitely make everyone a little richer. - Bradford Rand, President, Go Green Expo
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    Finally, a book that debunks the myth that you have to BE rich to live green. In fact, it's the other way around: by living green you can GET rich -- it's the ultimate win-win. Never before has this been spelled out so clearly, simply, practically. A must-read for anyone who wants to live wisely and responsibly in a world of rocketing energy prices and climate imbalance. - Amanda Griscom Little, Award winning environmental journalist and columnist for

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Now I am totaling geeking out. First, I have told most of my co-workers and friends about my 'gas chart' and now I'm e-mailing you about it. But your book 'Go Green, Live Rich' wanted to know my story.

OK, I will make this as short as I can.

I used to think that I was saving money by driving home to eat lunch instead of eating out. I only live 6 and half miles away, 13 miles round trip, so yes I am saving money going home. However, I can save even more. I have created a chart with a variety of variables, but for my purpose of going home for lunch the only variable I change is the daily price of gas. Today's price of gas in Austin, Texas is $3.39 and at that price it costs $2.45 a day or nearly $590 dollars for the year just to go home. Granted the number is an estimate, and does not take into consideration holidays and vacations. Regardless, this money I am spending on and do not even realize it. Six and half miles adds up?

So to take it a step further, I track my savings and at the end of the month I plan on writing a check to an account I never use but some how have open in name. Once this dollar amounts to a 'serious amount' I plan on investing it somewhere.

On top of that, my wife and I have given up on the 'daily plastic water bottles', so I plan on pumping up the check I mentioned above by $15 a month on savings from not buying all the Ozark bottles.

I have attached my 'Gas Chart' (excel file) in case you are interested. It can be used for more than daily trips.

Thank you,

Garrett L Hall
Austin, Texas

Saving More Than $200 a Month While Going Green

Hi David,

I really enjoy reading your articles. Especially those like this article which help us "green up."

First, I think one of my best accomplishment of going green is spreading the word. I know many people who believe that one person extra won't make a difference. I am very proud to say I've changed the minds of at least 5 of my friends and they have started taking steps in becoming environmentally conscious. They've at a minimum changed all their light bulbs to the energy efficient types.

As for myself, I have also done the light bulb thing, reduced the amount of water I use by installing special nozzles and of course recycle. I recently moved out of my home to an apartment where I find it to be a little more challenging to do as much as I'd like, but I'm still working it. I carpool with a co-worker which is significant because although my car claims Ultra Low Emissions, it is still somewhat a gas guzzler. That has saved me at least $160-$200/month. I also wait until the weekend to do my errands because I pick my sister up and we knock everything out in a day which reduces driving around 5 times a day.

Before I moved, my family and I were really starting to get into these steps. Fortunately, my family is still going strong. My sister composts almost everything from coffee grinds (she even gets them from work) to left over food and vegetables, egg shells. You name it, she's composting it. This compost goes into her garden which is greatly helping her plants. Also, when we do water changes in our fish tanks (we both have fish), we use the old water for our house plants and around the garden. You should see how much better they bloom. Our azaleas are HUGE!!!

We have had a complete house energy audit done through PSE&G (thanks to my mother). The result of this was we got the new light bulbs, the entire house was insulated, new nozzles were put in place for faucets and showers, pipes and the water heater were insulated, and they replaced one of the thermostats. The house is quieter, warmer in the winter. We live in the Northeast and we haven't had to put the heat above 68 degrees all winter - even on the really cold days, and it is cooler in the summer with the a/c only on low.

Finally, I'm sure there's more that my family does that I simply can't think of right now…after reading your article on Yahoo, I have opted out of receiving junk mail, pre-authorized credit and insurance and catalogs.

Thank you very much for your tips and I look forward to reading more.

Liz Traverso

Reducing Costs And Helping Conserve Energy

I am helping my electric/fuel company preserve natural resources, by having joined a program called "Savers Switch", where from June to September I save 15% on my cooling costs and also help conserve energy. (The electric co. cycles the air conditioner off and on at 15- to 20-minute intervals during peak hours to help conserve energy).

I also have small things like a low-flow shower head. I have adjusted my water heater to 115° and I hang-dry my clothes outside rather than use the dryer. Small things add up!

Mary Eisenschenk
Saint Cloud, MN

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Congratulations To All of our Go Green, Live Rich Book Campaign Winners!

Our grand prize Amansala Resort Vacation winner is:

Amanda Kight
Seattle, WA

Our other winners include:

  • Lisa Hall, Wake Forest, NC
  • Christopher Manning, New York, NY
  • Lori Folino, Staten Island, NY
  • Robert Lusardi, Bronx, NY
  • Muriah Reed
  • Geoff Rehberg
  • William Hannigan, Chicago, IL
  • Jennifer Lee, Chicago, IL
  • Sherrie Atkins, Grays Lake, IL
  • Christopher Jarosz, Naperville, IL
  • Diane McKay, Plano, IL
  • Leslie Holzmann, Presscott Valley, AZ
  • Teresa Webb, NY
  • Susan Dayton, Dublin, OH
  • Henry Bronson, VT
  • Caryl Buckstein, Denver, CO
  • John Hogg, East Amherst, NY
  • Amanda Hohimer, Tempe, AZ
  • Ashley Dyer, Comstock Park, MI
  • Lyndon Baugh, Los Angeles, CA
  • Roni McFadden, Willits, CA
  • Selina Heaton, Healdsburg, CA
  • Kristina Parker, Washington, DC
  • Theresa Yeates, Burleson, TX
  • Maria Meier, Clearwater, FL
  • April Eimer, North Holllywood, CA
  • Vaughn Kauffman, Montana
  • Karla Reinhardt, CA
  • Hilary Myli, Marana, AZ
  • Sundowne Smith, TX
  • Nancy Smith, FL

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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