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David's first book, Smart Women Finish Rich, was released in hardcover in 1999 and has quickly become a national bestseller. With over 100 new pages of completely new information (and now printed in six languages), find out why this book is the most successful finance book written for women.

With hundreds of thousands of copies in print around the world, Smart Women Finish Rich has recently been re-released to include information about the new tax law changes, website resources, and chapters on raising money smart kids and real-life success stories. With books printed in six languages, Smart Women Finish Rich is well on the way to becoming the world's best selling book for women and finance in the world.

What You Can Learn When You Read Smart Women Finish Rich:
  • How to raise money smart kids
  • How the book has helped real women made positive changes
  • their lives
  • Website resources to help you take immediate action
  • Complete guide and explanation of the 2001 tax law changes
  • The 12 commandments to attracting greater wealth
  • How to hire a financial advisor
  • How and why women make better investors then men
  • The seven steps to achieving financial security
  • The five greatest myths about women and money
  • How to put your "values" first, before you make decisions about money
  • How to find out where you stand financially
  • How to get your finances at home organized in less then an hour
  • How to talk to your spouse or partner about money without fighting
  • The power of the Latte Factor??how to build a million dollar nest egg on $5 a day
  • How to build security for you and your family
  • What type of health care to buy and why HMO's can be a disaster to your health
  • How to save a fortune on life insurance
  • Why you must have disability insurance?and yet most women don't
  • How to stop the banks and brokerage firms from ripping you off
  • Why you need a checking account that pays you interest instead of nothing
  • The 9 biggest mistakes investors make and how to avoid them
  • Why the 30 year mortgage is a huge rip off
  • Why you deserve a raise and how you can get one this month
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    Success Stories

    Real Advice, Real People, Real Results.

    I have been reading David Bach for a long time now and it has really impacted me! I was flat broke and came from a family that didn't have much and at the age of 25 I have become financially independent and have a net worth of over a million dollars now. I'm a motivational speaker and real estate investor. I owe a lot of my success to David Bach and his team for helping me think the way I do! Thanks! Shane Powell ... more

    - Shane Powell
    Greeley, CO

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    Success Stories

    Start Late, Finish Rich

    In Start Late, Finish Rich, David Bach takes the "Finish Rich" wisdom that has already helped millions of people and tailors it specifically to all of us who forgot to save, procrastinated, or got sidetracked by life's unexpected challenges.

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