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I want to thank you for your inspiration. I bought and read 'The Automatic Millionaire' on my fiance's suggestion (she had seen you on Oprah) and it opened my eyes and kicked me in the butt! About half way through the 5th chapter (Automatic for a Rainy Day) I had an 'aha'. My fiance and I have a 'just in case' savings account, which we never really touch, and I'm earning 0.5% interest on it. I immediately got on the internet and opened a money market account, started it with $1,000, and set up an automatic transfer every two weeks from our savings account. I also encouraged her to finally start her 401(k) at work and we've set up an appointment with a financial advisor to make sure everything's in check. I make regular contributions to an IRA and am in the process of paying off my debt.
I'm 27 and although I am very driven to be successful and retire early, I didn't have a plan. Fortunately we were on the right track. She has her check direct deposited with a set amount automatically going to our savings, and I have online banking with an automatic weekly transfer to the same account. We own a house and with your inspiration and encouragement we can now take the next steps to becoming automatic millionaires! Thank you for making it all clear and simple, keep up the good work.

Springfield, MA

Mike Perry & Andrea Leger

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