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August 27 2012
Hello David,

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Jon. I am currently on vacation from my work as a Defense Contractor in the Middle East. A few months ago I was still holding about $43,000 and change in student loan debt when I picked up your book "Debt Free for Life".

During that time, I was able to avail of some fairly large bonuses that were job relevant. Additionally after re assessing my financial status, I also re augmented it to completely pay off my debt!!! So in short, while I did NOT necessarily follow your steps outlined in your book. After doing some "hard thinking" I pulled my resources from the aforementioned bonuses and from my portfolio, after doing that I am NOW DEBT FREE!!!!!!

I am so excited about this new development as I now have so much more freedoms, and of course LESS STRESS. I am also on vacation as I write this and now am contemplating on what I want to buy as a reward for this effort. Again, while I did NOT follow all your suggestions, the fact that I understood the jist of your book and willed to annihilate my debt. I still have the same results as others who have finished and followed your writings.

Just wanted to share this with you. And do feel free to use it as a testimonial for your other projects.

With much gratitude,

- Jon Improgo

August 22 2012
Hi David,

I have been a big fan of yours since I first read The Automatic Millionaire many years ago.
Now I am working on giving back for all of the good fortune that my family and I have received.

Please share our website with your readers.

They can use our PEACE - On Planet Earth All Children Are Equal t-shirts to help raise funds for their organizations and at the same time help The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Also please share our song of PEACE - The International Anthem for World Peace -

Our goal is to have the song translated into every language and on one day have people around the world put down their arms and sing this song of Peace together.

- Fred Squires

August 22 2012
I had an Epiphany after reading a couple of your books!! I realized we were sinking fast!! We had 30k of CC debt because we were charging food and gas every month. We were also pulling from savings every month to pay the mortgage!! I have cut over $1000 from our expenses and it all seems possible now!! We have a long way to go but am glad i realized it before it was too late!!

- Michelle Alzate

August 22 2012
Dear David and friends,

I would like to thank you for motivating me and giving me the confidence to take the plunge to buy a house!

Our story begins in mid, 2007 when a friend lent me a copy of the Automatic Millionaire e-book, I had listened to it a few times but didn’t really do anything with it, but it did get me thinking.

In late 2007 when Cindy, the 3 boys and I were driving from Ontario (Canada) home to Alberta about 3100 kms or 1926 miles, a lot of time to chat about things. We decided among other things that we were going to quit smoking, I was smoking from 1 ˝ to 2 packs a day and she was smoking almost a pack a day at $12.50 a pack that’s a pretty big latte factor right there.

The other thing we decided was that we wanted to buy a house within the next 5 years, I had no clue how we were going to do that, where to start or what to do, we were renting a house for the past 4 years for $1500 per month plus utilities of about $350 per month so if we were going to buy a house we had to cut our expenses big time.

On April 5th 2008 Cindy and I both quit smoking and have not smoked since. I started bicycling and listening to of course the Automatic Millionaire while riding. It wasn’t long before the wheels starting turning about how I could save enough for a down payment plus keep all my bills in good standing, by quitting smoking we gave ourselves more than $1000 per month extra, in the savings account it went, I then cut our TV satellite down to just basic service to about $35 a month from about $120 with all the premium channels we had, stopped using our credit cards, did not make any new purchases, so on and on it went until we were able to save $1500 per month every month for 19 months enough to cover our down payment and lawyer fees.

On October 15th 2009 we signed our purchase agreement with a local builder for our brand new $469,900 two story 2540 Sq. ft house in North Calgary, it was completed and we moved in on April 19, 2010, as per your instruction we went with an accelerated bi-weekly mortgage payment plan and we have been loving it ever since. With the mortgage and taxes it is really not that much more than we were paying for rent.

I am almost sure that if I had not listened to the Automatic Millionaire over and over (I’m guessing I listened to it at least ten times.) We would be still living in that same rented house that someone else is reaping the benefits off.

Again, I say thank you for the kick in the butt and I am proof that your system works if one just applies it and start off with putting even a few dollars away at a time it’s amazing how fast it added up for us. I am not a millionaire yet but with the housing market in Calgary booming I am half way there!

PS: My wife and I both have our Company RRSP (401k) contributions maxed out for a total of $11,800 per year for both of us and our employers match our contributions, this is money that comes right off the top we don’t see it, so we don’t miss it. (And its tax free, I love this game!)

PS: PS: Now we are looking into buying a two bedroom condo in this area that we live so that we can rent it out. They are going for about $250,000, we gave ourselves one year for this new rental endeavor I’ll keep you posted.

About us:
I am a Technical Sales Representative for an equipment manufacturer and supplier to the oil and gas industry, Cindy is an Executive Admin Secretary in Government, our 3 boys Geoff, Steven and Matthew are all in various stages of completing University. Oh yes I almost forgot we have been married for 30 years tomorrow (August 21st).

We started late but…

Your new friends,

- Darryl & Cindy Hughes

August 22 2012
Three years ago, when the opportunity came to buy a house/property of some kind, i jumped on it. But it only became clear in my mind that real estate was the easiest and simplest way to invest, thanks to David Bach. I got in with 3% down, first time buyer, and I cant wait for my second house! Now I've got at least $35,000.00 in equity, just by living in it! My plan is in a couple more years, rent it out, then buy and live in the second one! Thanks for the simple, step by step instructions in your book!! Ive read many books, but yours put it straight and simple! I'm on my way to financial freedom!

- Edmond  Salus

August 16 2012
Hi, David,

I've just finished, "Start Over, Finish Rich" and felt compelled to share with you my own testimonial.

Like you, in 2005, I found myself divorced after ten years of marriage. It came out of left field. Fortunately, I survived and went on to write my first book, "Breadcrumbs: Navigating Life After Divorce." I speak and sell my book at divorce recovery workshops.

Last year, I fell in love with a musician who had also been divorced also. Most would have considered his decision to leave everything behind with his ex-wife foolish. Even early in our relationship, I questioned whether I was doing the right thing by dating someone who seemed financially irresponsible. I did not understand the ability to "start over" and flourish.

The more I fell in love with Peter, the more I realized that richness in life is more than what you have in the bank. Don't get me wrong, money is security and I am fortunate to have a fairly good job. But Peter is a musician who is making his living doing what he loves. Sure, I'm helping him some financially, but this risk will pay off when I'm able to walk the red carpet by his side someday. :o) Note: "Peter James ...a Better Man" is on iTunes and CD Baby. I am a very proud girlfriend!

To steal a cliche, both Peter and I have turned our "lemons into lemonade." We've traded the bitterness that we once tasted into delectable delights!

Thank you for your book!

Stacey Kearney
Baltimore, MD

- Stacey  Kearney

August 9 2012
I am a New Zealander living in Australia. I went to Vancouver in 2010 and came across these David Bach books while over there, I never knew how strongly these books could have changed my life. I was over $40,000 in debt and I just could not see the end of the rainbow, so to speak. But now I have come out on the happier side. I am now living back in Australia, I still look forward to your emails and support with only $4000 to pay back now! Thank you David Bach, really THANK YOU!

- Janice C

August 7 2012
Dear David,

I have read your books on finishing rich. I have adopted the latte factor. I love the latte factor, because I have been staying on top of myself and monitoring my daily spending. Though I am a full time student and a single mother of two boys. I have done a lot of unhealthy spending.

Since reading your books I have opened an IRA, I connected with a financial adviser and I opened a emergency fund, IRA, and a mutual fund account. I have also opened a 529 plan for my children. Each month I work hard to pay myself and to spend wisely. I constantly refer to your books for guidance. Thank you David for you guidance!

- Dawn Crowell

August 1 2012

I have used the DOLP and now I don't have to pay a single credit card. I am also buying household items with cash by saving for them. This has also influenced me in buying things on replacement. Every time I take a personal loan, part of the money goes into home improvement and buying assets. All this is reducing interests charged. Also, the Finish Rich motivations are giving me a picture of the future and it looks beautiful. I have realized that poverty is not heritable. Many thanks David!

- Bathusi Mmatli

August 1 2012
I've been worried sick about one of my credit cards that has an absolutely hideous balance. I've been doing contract work for nine years and have been charging various items along the way. In addition, I've been buying lunch at work, which could run me between $5 and $7 a day.

I've started bringing my own lunch (cold cuts on bread) or buying microwavable meals from the prepared food aisle. I still treat myself, once a week, to lunch in the cafeteria after which I do my banking - since the branch is just down the hall from the cafeteria. I'm applying the money I save towards paying down this one credit card. I just filled out the DOLP worksheet and now have an even better plan for paying off all my credit card balances.

And I've just been offered (and accepted) a permanent position, so I know that I'll have paychecks coming in on a regular basis now.

- Pat Bergen

June 21 2012
David, I would like to thank you very much for your book "Smart Women Finish Rich". I'm on leave and I was just in Barnes and Noble's, I took a stack of books just to read with no intention of buying. When I got your book I said "I must get this book."

Thank you so much for your comprehensive work on how to manage money and respecting value and dreams. A lot of what you suggest I have already done. I don't have any credit cards and I have different accounts but your book helps me now to find places where I can better invest. I highlight it and have post-it notes all over the book. You would think I was studying for a test!
But most of all, thank you so much about talking about quitting a job. Part of the reason I am on leave is because I don't like my job and I really don't want to return. But I thought that I really am supposed to stay on a job because so many others are out of work and it is a good paying job and I should tough it out. But that chapter really is making me not feel guilty and I am 99 and 1/2 percent certain I am not going back.

Please continue writing the way you do. You give homework and resources. I have read many books in the store and they are all vague, evasive and stupid. You have my support and I am telling all my friends!!!

- rose eze

June 21 2012
Our office moved upstairs next to all the restaurants and shops inside the airport. I would walk by them on breaks and in the morning into work. I started finding myself stopping at Starbucks for a small decaf coffee with cream once a week, then twice a week, and sometimes even three times a week, all at a cost of $1.60 a cup. I was usually good about not ordering food there but on occasion I would break down and get a piece of lemon cake (very small piece too) at a cost of $2.45. Some morning I would be too tired to make lunch for the day, always thinking in the back of my head I work at an airport where they have food if I forget mine or don’t feel up to making it. This was a bad thought. I started eating lunch at the airport, the highest place ever to eat and spending $10 give or take there.

I made changes after looking at my latte factor and now I buy the prepackaged Starbucks coffee at the grocery store. There are 10 sleeves in the box (but I like my coffee light) so I can use one sleeve two or three cups. The price is $7.19 (without coupons) but comes out pretty cheap for a cup of coffee compared to visiting the Starbucks store. Oh, I forgot to mention, when I did get coffee at the Starbucks store I would dump out a quarter of it so I could add enough creamer to lighten it the way I like it. What a waste of money.

I now bring a grocery bag of food that I leave in the fridge for the week. I don’t have to remember to pack a lunch each day and I am always prepared without having to give into eating out at the most expensive place on earth, the airport.

I love your book and it is a wonderful tool to see just what I am doing without knowing I am doing it. My eyes are now open.

- Vicki Brown

June 1 2012
My name is Denise and I'm a 29 year old single mother of two. I just started reading START LATE, FINISH RICH and the challenge was to come online to share my Latte Factor.

Like some others in the book, I thought it would be hard, because I don't generally drink lattes and since I'm a single mother, I consider myself to be somewhat of a penny pincher, so I knew I'd have to get creative to find where I could save the extra cash.

Way to Save #1: I currently have a monitoring alarm that $12.95 per month with a basic home phone service (that I only have for the alarm) for approximately $27.05 that's $40 a month, $480 a year. So I looked on my alarm service's website, because let's face it, that is an essential and after the one time fee installation of a wireless receiver I can get wireless monitoring without a phone for only $10 more a month. That takes my $40 per month to $22.95 per month, which is only $275 per year which has me saving $200 a year.

Way to Save #2: I have an iPhone. Now I'm not paying as much as I know some people are but I just found out I'm not paying as little as I could either. I can switch my service to a prepaid cellular service for only $45 per month, only $540 per year when I was paying $88 per month, $1056 per year which means I'll save $516 a year.

I know that isn't quite as much as $5 per day but I had to find some way to save. I had to find the silver lining for MY situation. It doesn't 'seem' like much but believe me in my situation it is. And as a result, I'm confident that I'll continue to find more ways to save!

For now, though, I'm going to finish reading. Thanks for sharing this information!

Denise Chavous

- Denise Chavous

May 31 2012
Dear David,

As I finish CD 9 I am thrilled to let you know how you have changed our life.

We changed our Mortgage to a line of credit 3 years ago. BIG no, HUGE mistake. Talk about Budget not working, discipline not working. Yikes.

We make 18,000$/month gross. Really good money. Get this. We didn’t think we had enough money to pay ourselves first because of Credit Card debt we wanted to pay off, payments we took on, the expense of raising 3 kids. All the wrong reasons.

So, thank you. We have renegotiated our Mortgage, to a traditional mortgage, 25 years accelerated. We are paying 5% to RRSP’s, 5% to Credit Card debt and 5% to our TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account).

It's funny, all the principles you talked about we already knew. I have seen you on TV and I guess we had to get our heads out the sand. Thanks so much for giving us the kick we needed.

You are an angel.

Tenniel Bacon
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

- Tenniel Bacon

May 31 2012

I just want to let you know I absolutely LOVED your book and I learned A LOT, I am inspired even the more by reading to become Mortgage free! The break down shown within the book about paying yourself first inspired me the most. I already give to my local church faithfully but, I am going to start giving automatically to some other organizations or more than what I am giving already. Thanks for words of knowledge, pray with me to have (WISDOM) the know how to apply the knowledge that I have gained. Thank you!!!

- Maurice Brown

May 31 2012
I first read Smart Women Finish Rich as a freelance musician trying to make a living in New York City. I think what’s hard about being a freelancer in any field is that sometimes your success is directly proportional to the amount of work, or “hustle” that you put into your career. Not only do you have to be good at what you do, have the discipline to work hard and practice, but you also have to get everything else right: you need to always be on time, be friendly and outgoing, be well-rested, be organized, and generally do whatever else you can to distinguish yourself from the many other people who do the same type of work. I had been at it for over ten years when I realized that I was exhausted by my work and frustrated with my financial situation. I kept asking myself: “Why am I working round the clock and I feel like I never have anything to show for it?” The answer to this question was really, really complicated. I’m one of those people who LOVE my job. I mean, I LOVE IT. I get to make amazing music with amazing people, teach wonderful, deserving students, and interact with people in so many different ways. On a day-to-day basis, if you asked me if I was happy, I would probably answer “yes”. However, while I was happy with my job, and felt like I made enough money, I didn’t feel like it was building towards anything. As I got older, I saw my money follow the same path each month – I would put a little bit away sometimes, but mostly my money went towards paying my huge rent, my health & car insurance, my cable and electric bills, my student loans, and then my credit card bills, which always seemed to creep mysteriously high.

I had been saving up to by an apartment for over 7 years, but set myself back a little bit by buying a car, so I was renting a very small place for $1650.00 per month which I hated. I also had really nasty landlords who kept trying to raise my rent. I dreamt of someday owning my own place but kept thinking that I would get around to it later. I also had slowed down on my contributions to my IRA. I hadn’t put anything in for three years! It was mostly because I got very scared when everything started to go south with the economy in 2008, so I figured it was better to just not do anything for the time being. When I realized how unhappy I was with my financial situation, I emailed my friends who seemed to have it more together than I did, and asked for their advice on investing and IRAs. My good friend Suzy Perelman wrote back immediately and said that the first thing I should do is to read Smart Women Finish Rich! She told me how she had read it 12 years earlier and how it had been the boost that started her on the path to owning her own apartment and making a lot of her dreams come true! I immediately ordered a copy on line and then since I couldn’t wait, I stopped off at Barnes & Noble the next day after work and started reading it there, just so I could get a taste.

I think what immediately spoke to me was “pay yourself first”. It really connected with my essential frustration, which was that I worked SO hard and such long hours but felt like everything was just slipping through my fingers. I realized just how high my latte factor really was! I had been spending tons of money on cabs, restaurants, clothes, and other things that I had been excusing as “necessary” because of how busy I was. Yes, I probably could have packed my lunch for work, or taken the subway, or made coffee at home, or worn clothes I already had to work, but I kept saying to myself “you work so hard, you deserve it!” David’s book made me realize that I deserved much more than these little items that I had piddled away my money on. By sitting down and writing out my values ladder, I realized that what I wanted more than delicious takeout four times a week, or new boots, or cute tops, or a quick way home in a cab, was that I ultimately wanted to feel at peace, as though what I was working for was building towards a sense of security and stability. I wanted to feel as though anxiety wouldn’t creep into my head every month when it came time to pay the bills. This really meant a lot to me because there had been times where I thought I might have to give up music and get a “regular” job for the purposes of at least knowing how much money I was going to make each month. By cutting out my latte factor (or at least reducing it substantially) and paying cash for everything, I was able to eliminate the dreaded surprise of the credit card bills at the end of the month. The other element that changed everything was when I sat down and wrote out the actions I would take to make dramatic changes in my financial future. I wrote out many goals that night, but I really remember this one: “In 6 months, I will own my own apartment.” What pushed me further that night was the element of having to take action in the next 24 hours. It was a Friday night, and I was near my computer, so I thought “why not just look and see what’s out there right now?”. I went on some sites and found that there was a one-bedroom available in a building I had been interested in, and so I called up the agent and made my appointment for the next afternoon. I put an offer in the following Monday, and it was accepted the next day.

It wasn’t easy – I ended up having to borrow some money from my parents for the down payment, even though I had really wanted to do it all on my own. However, where in the past I might have given up because of having to deal with family or any of those old challenges, this time I pushed myself to follow through and keep my sights on the goals I had outlined, realizing that the bigger picture was what I needed to focus on, rather than the petty roadblocks that kept me on the frustrating hamster wheel of “work like crazy, spend like crazy, be unhappy”. I even managed to contribute the maximum to my IRA before I made the down payment, and my credit card bills stayed blissfully low since I continued to pay cash for everything.

It’s now November, 8 months since I read the book, and I now own my own apartment, with a combined mortgage and maintenance that is $50 lower each month than the rent I was paying to my nasty landlords! While financially this move made great sense, the best part of it is that every day when I come home I know this place is all mine. I no longer fear a knock on the door about anything, or a letter telling me my monthly payment is going up by $100.00. The feeling really is priceless. I think the lesson I learned is that a little bit of responsibility with money goes a LONG way in terms of freeing you from having financial worries hanging over your head all the time. And what’s more, I’ll always have this place – for the rest of my life, the money I’m paying is ultimately going to me. Knowing this helps a lot when I work like crazy all the time.

After I closed on the apartment, I got a call from two friends of mine who wanted to meet to discuss career issues, and during that meeting the financial aspects of working as a freelance musician came up. I told them that I had read Smart Women Finish Rich and that they should too! A week later I got a “thank you” text from one of my friends who had already read it and had gotten her finances in order immediately. She even included a picture of her file folders just to show how excited she was. Since then, I’ve suggested it to many friends and all of them have thanked me for it and said how excited and empowered they feel to finally grab the reigns in their lives and take control of their money. It means a lot to those of us who work in the arts, especially because there is this myth out there that we should all be suffering, starving artists who sacrifice everything in order to live a meaningful life devoted to their art form. I think what finishing rich is about is not just having a lot of money or even just enough money, it’s about being rich in the sense that you don’t have to go under to do what you love, you just need to put your values at the forefront of your whole life, not just your financial life. If you do that, the money and how to manage it follows!

Thank you so much, David!

- Katie  Kresek

May 31 2012
Dear David.

I have read all your books and they really haved changed my life. I'm 32 and was spending about $30,000.00 per year on eating out and coffee trips to Starbucks. After reading The Automatic Millionaire I have totally cut this out of my life.

I opened a Roth IRA for both myself and my wife and we are putting $400 a month into it. I also raised our 401k's to 12% and to my surprise my actually pay didn't go down as much as I thought.

Also we are in the process of being homeowners. Because of the Latte Factor we have been able to save about $50,000 for a down payment on a home. We plan to buy in about 6 short months.

Your books and knowledge have totally changed my life. Without your books and your knowledge I would be on the same path to nowhere. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because of you I'm on the way to becoming the next automatic millionaire.

I think it would be awesome if you wrote a book for kids. I have two cousins that are graduating high school next month. I'm planning on sharing what I have learned with them. How cool would it be to have a book on how kids can get started investing.

Many blessings.

Glenn Templeton
Seattle, Wa.

- Glenn Templeton

May 31 2012

I want to thank you for your great book, Debt free For Life. I also enjoyed the story of the Wendy's Millionaire. Trust me, after reading that story I am now trying to lower my expenses. I save some money in stocks and my 401k but is it ever enough? I hope i get to read all your books. Thank you!

- Robert  Windslow JR

May 31 2012
I'm sure you hear this all of the time, but your 1st book, Smart Women Finish Rich, was a turning point for me. I had taken a financial services job (which at the time I hated) because I needed benefits as a single mom. An Investment Company came in with this women's seminar and they had your book. I read the thing cover to cover in two days. Since that time, I have loved the financial industry, I am FINALLY being paid close to what I am worth, and I really hope to empower as many people as possible with the gift of financial freedom.

- Tammie Hall

May 31 2012
David - I am so excited about documenting my story. I wanted to let you know how your book (Start Late, Finish Rich) changed my situation. My husband of 28 years walked out and left a note 3 years ago. He left me penniless with one child in college and one in private high school. We were living above a friend's garage with no kitchen and barely any heat. I felt like I was down a well with no way up. I got a copy of your book (don't remember where) and read it cover to cover. I started working really hard (3 jobs and got my real estate license), I saved every dollar I could. I stopped all extra spending (latte and double lattes) and started an IRA and CD's. In just 3 short years my credit score went from the 400's to almost 800, I have no debt, my cars are both paid off, and I just bought a house!! I am hear to tell you it is possible to recover if you make a plan and stick to it. My son just graduated from a private college and my daughter is through her first year. I have been able to help them both with school and still save. Thank you David for changing my life and for teaching me there is another way!!

- Andra Foster

May 31 2012
As performers, we are usually resigned to the fact that we chose our passion over money but Bach highlights how you can save money whatever your income may be. I wrote a blog on 'Goals for the Poor Actor' which was inspired by 'Smart Women Finish Rich'. I am looking forward to the next time I can write to you with my goals ticked off the list!

- Hollie S.

May 3 2012
Hi David,

My name is Amanda Adkisson. I was so impressed with your book Smart Women Finish Rich I have wrote some books myself. I got into a bad financial situation to where I was fixing to loose my apartment. I make $30,000 per yr, plus work 2 jobs. I am a single parent of only one son. I got frustrated, and purchased your book. When I first read the book I made a list of shortterm goals - put a time frame on it and long term goals. I stopped eating restaraunt food and started cooking. I started putting $50.00 in my savings acct every payperiod. I did as you said in your book, Jim Carey wrote himself a check for $10,000,000, I then wrote myself a check for $5,000,000.

I wrote the list of the struggles and what I can do to overcome them. My whole thought process is different, and I am saving more money now than ever. It makes me want to cry thinking about how many times I wanted to give up. Reading your book and my spiritual belief are the only things that kept me from loosing my mind. I don't want to take alot of your time but I just want to say I'm thankful. Even though I live in Nashville, TN. I would love to meet you one day, and give you a hug. When my books are published I plan to make arrangements to meet with you - even if I have to pay you. That's how much I'm thankful.

God Bless
See you soon

- amanda adkisson

February 24 2012
Dear David,
On one boring day while I was browsing through the shelves at CNA, I came across the book title "Start Late, Finish Rich". I thought to myself that this must be another scam, but since I was spending more than $294 on newspapers, and the book only cost $14 dollars, I decide that I must buy it; that really changed my life. I now own two properties valued at about R2 million (South African Rands). Thanks to you! but I will be waiting for my free mag of LATTE Factor\'s.

David Mokebe

Thank you!

- Kozana  Mokebe

February 24 2012

I owe you half my life :-) Your system worked twice for me.

Once in my college years were I went on spring break, read 'Automatic Millionaire' then 'Smart Couples Finish Rich'. The first time I came home from my vacation and paid off 14K in 3 months. Years later and then meeting my amazing wife, same money issues again. We were married, one awesome boy, and I promised her in March 2011 that no brother or sister unless we paid off all of our bad debt (credit cards, cars, etc.)

In the past 30 days, Dec 2012, we both liquidated as much as possible and paid off/settled around 42K dollars of bad debt off. Our monthly bills went from over 5K a month to less than 2K.

Your website, your book, has changed our life once again!

The bottom line is that when enough pain has been applied you must make the change!

By the way, the reason I was able to buy multiple properties, some wedding money, down payment on a 3rd house, bought a car cash.....100% due to your advice of maxing out a ROTH IRA each year and pay yourself first.

We now will be able to add to the family!

Our marriage is saved, our stress level has lowered, no arguments about money because we know where it is going (to our future).

We max our ROTH IRA, emergency fund almost there.

Thank you,

The Brown's

- Tim Brown

February 24 2012
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! For years I have been trying to pay my debts down. I always found myself living paycheck to paycheck and debts were still there and was always dipping into saving just to make it through next pay period. I bought your book last year and I must say it truly works. Your DOLP plan worked. I have payed off all credit cards except one and that last one will be payed off by March 1st 2012. I have also managed to save money. I took a vacation with my husband and two girls and payed cash for everything. It has been great knowing that I don't have debt from going on vacation and still managed to save money.
Thank you, again.
I am truly grateful for your help in giving a peace of mind in my financial world of chaos!!!!!!

Ivette A.

- Ivette A.

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