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January 19 2005

On behalf of myself and my future wife I wanted to thank you for making my life Automatic! My father has been trying to teach me about money for years, but I always thought it was too complicated or that I didn't have the extra income to make a difference. Little did I know that it was so easy.

I was a quarter of the way through the book when I was so moved by the "How many hours per day do you work for YOURSELF?" formula that I literally got up, went to my computer, and cranked up my 401k contribution from 4% to 15%! At the same time I also set up an additional deduction to my savings account for myself. My fiancée and I live the EXACT same lives as we lived before. However, our lives are richer knowing that there will be a pot of gold waiting for us at retirement. We're also looking to buy our first home next year and it makes it so much easier knowing that the money is there waiting for us to use.

This should be MANDATORY reading for every high schooler and college student in the country. The information is too good to pass up and it sure as heck beats Chemistry.

From the bottom of my heart...thank you. You've changed my life.


- Chris Kesler