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November 10 2006
Hi David, It's been quite a few years since I've read Automatic Millionaire, along with ALL of your other books. I only recently checked out your online resources after reading Automatice Millionaire Homeowner. After reading Automatic Millionaire and sharing with my wife, I made many positive strides based on your advice. My wife and I started cooking more food for dinner so that I had left overs for work, saving more than $7 per day - this included cutting out the soda per day and switching to water. I increased my 401K match gradually from 2% to 16% and you were right, we didn't even feel it! We started a saving account and started contributing automatically, we setup automatic payment on all of our debts and eventually paid off our $10K+ in credit card debt which allowed us to pay off our last car loan early! I just want to say THANK SO MUCH! Now, after reading Automatic Millionaire Homeowner, I have just decided to take my condo off of of the market and keep it! I have had it for 6 years - it will definitely be a source of cash flow, I just had never considered keeping it.

Thanks again

- Buddy King
Bowie, MD