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January 19 2005

Your books (Smart Couples...and The Automatic Millionaire) have forever changed my life. I can never go back to the way I was after reading the books. Thanks to your simple plan, my family will retire wealthy. We are a young military family and are on our way with the strategy you lay out in simple black and white. My dad has been telling me this for years, but it didn't really hit me until I read the books. Thank heavens I found you just in time.

I find myself so excited about the subject of finances that I volunteer to teach others at church about how to be "money smart" and I always bring your books with me as recommended reading. I tell all of my friends and family about what I have learned in the books and hope that they will someday become as excited as I am. The books also make a great gift!

Thank you a million times for teaching me how to be a millionaire when I retire. YOU ROCK!

With much gratitude,

- Sonja Yearsley