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January 22 2007
My name is Sridhar and I live in London, UK. It was late August in 2006 when I turned 31 and was remorseful of the fact that I was growing old and not owning enough real assets. Somehow I was thinking hard on the asset bit that I guess the law of attraction led me to your website to download your audio program on the Automatic Millionaire. I was so engrossed that I must have listened to it a dozen times. At the same time, I also reading the print version to complement my learning, and started discussing your techniques with my wife and parents. My dad (who is an investment consultant) joined the act, and over the next couple of weeks, the discussions (dawn till dusk) were centred around the automatic millionaire. We read, re-read and compared notes and came to a conclusion that what you were suggesting were in fact the best investment techniques and extremely easy to implement.

Fast forward, Jan 2007: My wife and I are proud first-time home owners of a small apartment (Condo; American speak!) in London and we are thrilled to bits to satisfy your Rule #1: Buy a Home! But trust us - there is no stopping... we have recently purchased copies of Smart Couples Finish Rich and Smart Women Finish Rich, and I am glad to say that we have become David Bach aficionados.
We have also decided to spread your message in the UK, and we are encouraging colleagues and friends to purchase a copy of your books and I think nothing gives us more pleasure than people thanking us for our recommendation.
My guess is finish rich series will occupy prime space in our book shelves for ever. Thank You!

Sridhar & Preeti Krishnamoorthy

-  Krishnamoorthy