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January 20 2005
I can't belive how much money I've wasted in the last year!!! ON COFFEE and snacks!! I am a single mom of 3 small children and a teacher. Every day during our first recess, a co-worker and myself would race to the nearest Chevron for more coffee (I always bring a mug full from home, but it's gone by 9:30am). As I was reading your book, The Automatic Millionaire, I started doing the math of what I was spending each morning. EVERY morning, 5 days a week, I spent $1.10 on coffee plus $.99 on a pack of Hostess donuts, and another $.99 on Peanut M&M's for a little snack later on in the day. First thing I realized was I eat a lot of junk...NOT GOOD! Second thing is that I was spending $3.08 EVERY DAY...that's $15.40 a week, which is $61.60 a month, which is $616.00 during our school year (10 months)!!!!!! I was, and still am, absolutely SICK that I've wasted that much money on coffee and snacks when I could've invested that money instead!!! At $616.00 a year, that would've been $15,400.00 over the next 25 years!!!! And that's only if the prices stayed the same over time, which of course, they will only be going up in the future!! I go back to work tomorrow to start another school year and you can be sure that I won't be going for coffee and snacks anymore....The Latte Factor has opened my eyes....that money I used to spend on Chevron goodies is now going into an IRA for my future!!!

THANK YOU for such a wonderful book!!!! You brought to light SO many things, things that I will be doing from this point forth (Paying myself first, paying down my mortgage quicker and NO MORE Credit Cards!!). :)

Have a blessed day!!


Tara Richards

- Tara Richards