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March 23 2007
I remember seeing you David in Oprah awhile back talking about the advantage of paying your mortgage bi-weekly. I said to myself what a nice "idea" too bad I donít have a house. That time I was still renting a 2 bedroom apartment with my sister. And I ask myself why still I don't own a house.

Well everything changed after I got a hold of your books: Automatic Millionaire and Automatic Millionaire Homeowner. Within 6 months me and my sister finally bought our very own brand new 3 bedroom house.

Not only that, because of the principles I have learned from your books I was able to identify at least $500 of "latte factor" a month. I have learned to "pay myself FIRST and make it AUTOMATIC". I have DOLP (Dead on Last Payment) several credit cards. And have negotiated the remaining cards to a much lower rate.

And the best thing is Iím on my way of becoming debt free with the help of the home based business I have started. I'm so grateful with all the things that I have learned from you that last Christmas I gave your books as presents to all my close friends.

Thank you very much David! See you in the Learning Annex here in NY!

- Ian Saludares