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January 20 2005
My name is Kat, and I will be a senior at Mercy High School in Baltimore, MD. I will be taking Micro and Macro Economics courses in the coming fall. Our summer reading for the class was your book, THE AUTOMATIC MILLIONAIRE.

Out of the eight ridiculously boring books plus yours (as I don't count it as boring) I have to read before the start of term, I chose to read your book first because, even at seventeen, I have a love affair with money that would make my boyfriend jealous. I am aiming in the direction of international trade law in college, despite my less then saavy math skills.

I finished your book today, and it is, without a doubt, the worth-while read of my life. The most basic and necessary aspects of a consumer society are never taught in school. Most young people I know are intimidated by money because they are under the impression that it's too complicated.

Thus they get stuck in the cycle of, as you said, 'living paycheck to paycheck'. My parents have worked all their lives, but they are almost sixty and have just refinanced the house mortgage, extending their payments for another ten years. At the dinner table, I "educated" them about everything I was learning from your book, and my dad was so interested, he's next in line to read it.

This book really gave me a clear direction for my financial future. Hopefully, by starting early, I'll be another automatic millionaire you helped. I'll get back to you on that in a good couple of years. I want to be able to take care of my parents the way they cared for me, so that will be my incentive to be successful in your plan. So thank you for sharing your expertise with America; we desperately need honest and simple financial advice. I'm off to read SMART WOMEN FINISH RICH...after I read my eight other assignments, that is. However, I don't think those authors will be receiving any fanmail from me. I look forward to retiring a millionaire!

Thanks again,

- Kat Harrington