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May 11 2007
Last year I first took your advice from watching the Oprah's debt diet. I applied many of the ideas given and took a conservative approach to addressing my very real debt, one thing was a student loan that had haunted me for more than 10 years. I got a low interest loan and paid off my debt. I made my payoff arrangements for the loan very agressive. I gave myself 1 yr to pay it back. This meant I would have to learn to live without almost $700 per month of my income. My friends and family thought I was crazy but I felt like I could make the sacrafice. Turns out I was right, I am now 4 months away from being "almost" debt free. Right after I paid off these bills I went to look for a new car, I got a brand new car at a 1.9% intrest rate and believe me when I say with my credit that was a Miracle from Almighty God. This has given me a new lease on life. Recently, I went to a personal financial planning seminar at work, I paid close attention to the speaker and he asked a question to be sure we were listening. I yelled out the answer and won a prize. What was it? The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach. When I started reading the book, I was so excited. I thought WOW sounds like I heard some of this before. Yes, I did because it was the same David Bach from Oprah. So then I was sure I could trust the information. I will admit, I cheated and read the "latte factor" chapter first. I was sooooooooo upset with myself to learn I was drinking my future away. I am a die hard Starbucks's fan and this was going to have to be the sacrifice of a lifetime. More so than the money for the loan. Well, I made an agressive move. I hired a personal financial advisor who I insisted get David's book as we would be following his lead. I opened up a Roth IRA after reading that one chapter. I put it on auto pilot and I am on my way to becoming a automatic millionaire. My co-worker and friend even caught hold of my enthusiasm and went with me and opened up a Roth IRA too. So this advise and book has been a blessing to me and well as my family. I went back like a good girl and started reading from the beginning and I am now building a savings that I can use for emergency. I do not want to retire in poverty. I am currently working 11 hours per week of my 37.5 hours for myself. I cannot tell you how empowered I now feel. I will be gifting this book to some special friends for Mother's Day. You are a life saver!!!!!

- Angelic Edwards
Orlando, FL