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August 24 2007

The FinishRich series has already begun to change my life. My latte factor was a bit more difficult to find as I work from home remotely so I don't really spend 'small' every day.

I searched and searched and then realized that hey, I'm an impulse buyer. Trips to Best Buy, or Costco or whatever would add up.

Along with taking your advice on increasing my monthly contributions to thr RSP account, I have set up two online savings accounts. One, transfers $350 a month automatically. Once it is out of my chequing account, I forget about it. The other, is my online "impulse latte savings". Whenever I get the urge to spend my money on something, I stop, think and decide whether I really need it. If I don't, I take the money O WOULD HAVE spent on it and toss it in my latte fund.

It's fun to track what I WOULD have spent in a high interest savings account rather than just leaving it in the chequing account. This way, I physically move the money out just as if I had bought something.

It REALLY works.

Thanks - I look forward to finishing rich.

- Joe Ragona