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September 25 2007
Hi David--I discovered your website yesterday and was so excited that I went to the library and checked out your book The Automatic Millionaire. I also printed out nearly every free chapter on your site that I could find. Reading those got me more excited, then I downloaded your podcasts and those plus your book and your samples pushed me over the peak and finally motivated me to log onto Vanguard, which manages the profit sharing/retirement plan where I work, and to set aside an initial 5% pre-tax income into my retirement account. (I already set aside 3% in stock, and my employer contributes around 10-15% annually for profit sharing.) We have also taken steps to start the home purchase process in January, after 15 years of renting apartments. As soon as I get done here, I am going to take some of the money which I have received for my birthday and purchase "Start Late, Finish Rich" AND "The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner" as gifts to myself and my family. After years as a complete financial ignoramus, earning a low income, I finally see it coming together. My wife and I are now taking stock of our "Fast Food Factor" (which costs us around $250/month) and are supporting each other in severely cutting back there. Thank you for your infectious enthusiasm which has finally taken the drudgery out of financial planning and made it FUN!

- Terry Foraker
Valley Park, MO