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December 4 2007
This does not sound like much but it provided some important assistance to me. I recently retired from the US Navy and after some time searching finally got a job working in the Bahamas three weekends a month. I commute from my home in Jacksonville, Florida, to West Palm Beach and then they fly me over for the weekends. Everything is paid once I get on the flight. Thinking about what you said in your book about getting a raise applied directly to me. The salary is ok, @$32,000.00 for about 9 days a month. The only problem was the drive. Just under 5 hours each way. I worked the numbers and when I was interviewing for the job, although I was a bit nervous, I took the leap and said it would be very important to get some assistance for my driving as you can see from the numbers explaining what it will cost me. He gave me an additional $3000.00 on the spot! Thanks so much for your books...! Our first 50 years are full of wonderful memories with lots of travel, experiences and benefits with the family. Unfortunately, I realize it could have been done while saving and getting rich along the way. Now my wife and I are determined to catch up and finish rich! We are working on your plan and making changes already!

PS: Oh, and I am using my paid time there, meals and room and board, as a Latte Factor and putting some of that saved money for good use for the future!

- Michael Craig
Orange Park, FL