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December 17 2007
My success story is yet to come. But I feel like it is already here. My husband and I are 55 and 54 years old with no debt except for school, and that one is rather large. We own no credit cards. However, we have never managed to save a dime.

My daughter just bought me "Start Late Finish Rich" and it has given me renewed hope and excitement for our future.

We basically have 20 years to do this. I don't really care to be a millionaire, but when I sat down and figured out what we could actually HAVE in 20 years using the guidelines in that book, I was so excited.

Other than my husband and I eating out, we really don't have much of a Latte factor. There are no utilities we can cut, no magazine subscriptions, no health club memberships, nothing like that. But when I figured our "eating out" costs for ONE MONTH it ran up past $650.00! I was shocked. No wonder I never had enough for groceries.

I had recently decided to just pack a 5 dollar bill into savings every time either one of us got a paycheck.

Due to our age, we have decided to make that a "double latte" and we are now planning to automatically put into savings a total of $400.00 per month. Through very simple investment, we should have at least $300,000. in the bank in 20 years. I thought time had run out for having anything saved for our children to inherit.

I am soon to inherit enough money myself to give us a down payment on a house.

I really believe we can do this and look forward to writing you in a year to tell you our true success story. I feel like it has already happened.

- Carol Black
Indianapolis, IN